Friday, February 14, 2014

Fun Facts Friday

So. It's Valentine's Day. Good thing I waxed my mustache this morning because I am sure Marshall is going to want to kiss me a lot when he gets home tonight. ;) Too bad, I had a cold shower this morning and couldn't get out fast enough. So. My legs and arm pits are probably pretty unacceptable.

I wasn't one of those super cute crafty mothers who stayed up late making special valentines for my kids. I wish I was, but my kids were hard on me yesterday and I didn't have the heart to do anything more for them. I cut out a simple heart from Ezra's construction paper pad and wrote "Happy Valentine's" on it and stuck it in his mailbox. I even put a box of sweethearts candies in there,too. (Not from us, even. From Grandma and Grandpa Abe- Thanks, you guys really saved us this year!;)

Here are some Fun Facts:

-Eli is 14 months old! AND walking around! Not always, but he is definitely moving on two legs!

- Yesterday was one of those days I wanted to lock myself in a room and rock back and forth in a corner. My kids took over and didn't nap and I was LOSING my mind.

-Eli pulled down a bag of chocolates on to him off the table, ate one- and had a pretty bad allergic reaction. Later on, he found a screw and a washer and put it in his mouth, and moments later got into the trash and put an entire orange peel in his mouth. I can't take my eyes off of him for a second. And I am a master at fishing anything from his mouth grip.

-And to make sure he didn't eat anything else weird yesterday, I became a paleontologist digging through his poopy diapers. I actually don't mind doing this by the way. It's fun when you find something.

- We went to the library this week and picked up a ton of books. I have read them all more than 10 times since Wednesday. I should be really happy that my kids enjoy books but I honestly can't stand it anymore. We need to return them immediately.

-I am not someone who needs to watch a movie a second time. Once is enough. Same goes for books. (As you can tell)

- When I say I love you. I mean it. I tell a lot of people I love them, and I REALLY do! ;)

-I never feel right NOT appropriately thanking someone for a thank you gift. I am still unsure of the appropriate etiquette.

- I ask/told Marshall not to get anything for Valentines Day. I know he loves me. I don't need him to waste his money proving it to me. I didn't get him anything either.

- There has to be another way to discipline Ezra besides putting him in the corner and getting down to his level to explain to him why NOT to do something and TO do xyz instead. But WHAT? I feel like nothing is working anymore and 3 years old is not my favorite age these days.

- Ezra learned yesterday to say, "I am kinda freaking out right now" after I was scurrying around trying to help Eli after he got into the chocolate. Later on, while Ezra was trying to put on his pants and was obviously struggling I asked him how he was doing, he appropriately responded, "I am kinda freaking out, mom"

-Ezra is also officially done with taking naps. For me. This is NOT good. Although, he was asleep by 6:30 last night and that is awesome!

-And, because Ezra is done with naps, he is forced to have quiet time in his room. Tuesday he played in his room for almost 4 hours! He came out once for a bathroom break but I had to do some serious convincing to get him to eat dinner.

- Swim season is so close to the end I can almost taste it. I am a little nervous of our (awesome) routine to get jumbled once Marshall is home, but at least he will be around to help me with the boys.

Have a great Valentines day!!