Friday, February 21, 2014

Fun Facts Friday:

This week, one of my clients asked me what was one thing that surprised me most about being a mother- She is newly married and hopes to have children of her own soon. I paused and thought about it for a second and confidently replied. "I knew that I would love my children, but I was so overwhelmed with the amount of love that I was capable of feeling for these little babies that I didn't even know-  I guess I didn't know there was that much love in me"  
Motherhood has surprised me in more ways than I ever knew would. I have learned things about myself, about Marshall, life and most of all, My God and My Savior. 
I highly recommend becoming a parent. It's just good for the soul ;)

Here are a couple fun facts:

-Ezra begs for his school time these days. I have started to make our routine a little more structured than before. After talking to another homeschooling mom, I decided I needed a little more consistency. Immediately after Breakfast, we get dressed- say an opening prayer, sing a little song and begin. We don't spend too much time on our material, but usually spend the entire day learning. I will reiterate words that start with the letter we are learning or count out EVERYTHING or ask him to find certain colors or certain shapes. I actually have to do this for him to keep things interesting around here. We can get pretty bored around here and Ezra is a kid who needs to be challenged.

- I can't help but peek in other shoppers carts while I am out. I really honestly try not to, but I can't help myself. It is like when someone's fly is down, you can't help but look at it, even though you don't want them to know you know.

- The other night I decided that neither Marshall or myself would go to Eli when he wakes in the night. Eli is old enough to cry it out and if Ezra sleeps through it, Eli can cry himself back to sleep. Eli cried for a while the first night and after that, he cried for maybe 3 minutes and put himself back down. He is also napping 2 times a day again. He went through a rebellious stage for a week. Not cool, Eli. Not cool.

- Eli is starting to walk around pretty good on his own!

-Ezra has said some of the best one liners this week. He has kept me laughing a lot.

-I don't like going to the car wash alone. I get anxiety pulling driving through the port.

- I had to put the cookies that we made on Monday up high. I notice that when food is in the direct line of my sight, I have no control. But out of sight out of mind. This is real.

- We picked up 15 books from the library this week and Ezra will lay down and study all the pages before asking me to read them.

-I always laugh when my boys have gas. I really try not to, but I can't help it.

-I am 95% sure that Eli is also allergic to gluten. I am going to have him tested. So far he is allergic, Peanuts, Milk, flowers, chocolate (from the milk and traces of peanuts) and my parent's house. Thank Heavens for Benadryl and an Epipen. (Hopefully, I will never have to use it)

- It makes me sad when Ezra tells me he misses his daddy. He says it more than once a day...

- Eli says mommy! And calls Ezra "I(eye)Zra" and he is a hand clapping machine (but in slow motion)

- Bath time is a wild time at our house. I am alone and the boys know bed time is immediately following. You can imagine the chaos. 

- I can't stop thinking about what it will be like to have a finished basement. Hopefully I wont have to think about for too much longer! 2014 Project here we come!

-I will add a mini video of me scaring someone to my instagram once a week from here on out. I promise.;) This is more fun for me than for anyone else (especially the person being scared).

-I just don't care about the Olympics... not even a little bit. Go USA though..  I guess.

-I swear I woke up to the sound of a stray cat meowing outside my window yesterday morning. Random.

- I tried my darnedest to keep Marshall home from work today, but he was determined to go. He will come home early though so we can go on a family date.

Have a good weekend!