Friday, February 28, 2014

Fun Facts Friday

Attention Everyone!
I laid in bed until 6:53 this morning... and my house was still quiet! I can't even tell you the last time this happened! I woke up before my kids did. Marshall kneeled aside of our bed and said prayers just as he did before we had children. It was just as sweet as I remembered and a great way to start the day.

Yesterday was easily one of the hardest days I have had with Ezra and it wore all of us out. I am blaming it all on this weather. We are all losing our minds- Old man winter has really been awful to us this year. If he had an address, I would send him a strongly worded letter about it.

Here are some Fun Facts:

-This week we learned about the Letter I- Ezra learned about Vowels (his idea, not mine) We tired to make an igloo out of mini marshmallows. We didn't get too far before Ezra started eating them.

-After yesterday, I want to send Ezra to public school today.

-Normally I think my child(ren) are the absolute cutest, the smartest, say the funniest things and are all around the best. NOT this week. I wanted to sit Ezra on the front step without shoes on because he was so naughty. (I didn't and never actually would- but I am not going to say that that thought hadn't crossed my mind)

-I called Marshall this week and asked him how it felt to  know that everyday he leaves me at home with these children. In the same phone call, I told him I thought I was depressed. Clearly, I was having a hard day.

-Same day, maybe an hour later or so. I call to tell Marshall that minutes before as I was folding Eli's clothes and putting them in boxes and piles to donate (things that he has grown out of..etc) Ezra grabbed a large ziploc, put it over his head and I didn't notice until I looked over my shoulder and saw him walking down the hall towards me with it on. I panicked and ran to him and grabbed it to pull it off. Ezra panicked and inhaled, allowing the bag to get tighter and tighter on his head-sucking the plastic into his mouth- over and over, I couldn't believe that I was struggling to get it off of him, it was surprisingly tighter than I thought it would be-- I immediately ripped the bag off of his head like the freaking hulk and looked at him. His face was panicked and purple and had tears in his eyes. I asked him if he was scared as I hugged him tight. I told him how scared I was and how we NEVER EVER put plastic bags on our heads. He told me he was trying to be darth vader. But he will tell you if you ask him how "mommy ripped it off" and "scared me"-- Seriously. I cannot make this stuff up. I hated it. I can't take my eyes off of these kids for a second!

- Eli is walking!!! All over the place! And he prefers to walk with a cape on. He is the most confident in a cape. Such a little boy. It is really fun to watch him get around, especially moving around Ezra- We have all been waiting for this time for so long. Not too much longer and he will be running!

- Ezra blew a blood vessel in his left eye from either screaming, or fake sneezing or coughing- for some reason he enjoys doing this. 

- I would like a personal trainer. I think I will ask for this for Mother's day. I want to be tight and fit! (Marshall- this is a hint;)

- I am growing out my hair again. This is what I do. Chop it off and grow it back out. It isn't really that fun.

- Green smoothies are all the rage at our house since we purchased a ninja. I made three yesterday for the boys and I. Now, I am trying to find a good cup with a thick straw for Eli. Any suggestions?

-I sometimes move the thermostat up when Marshall leaves for work. I was busted when the bill came. Whoopsies.

- As much as I love scaring the junk out of Ezra, I have noticed that the amount of unnecessary screaming has easily escalated since I started. So, I am putting my scaring project on hold for a little bit. I will introduce again, later. I promise.

- Tomorrow is the Marshall's last day of swimming and the State finals. (Enter angels singing hallelujahs here)  He would like to shave big O's on his cheeks and color them (you guessed it, Orange) (Shaking my head)

- I am teaching on Sunday and have literally had my lesson flow from the heavens. I am looking forward to teaching and learning along with the class.

Happy Weekend Everyone!! It will be great knowing this is the last Saturday for a while that Marshall will be leaving us! And now we are on to bigger and better things!