Monday, February 3, 2014

My Monday

My work day starts early. Thank heavens I was in bed by 9 last night. I needed my rest for the day that laid ahead (Today-Monday) We have all been battling colds over here. Eli always seems to get it the worst. His little nose manages to make the most impressive booger bubbles that seem to pulsate with his breaths and never pop. It is serious skill and I would try it myself, if I could.

So- with that said, I have been wiping boogers all day. That and all sorts of other messes that come along with just being a mom at home with little boys.

 Here are a couple things that we did today-
-Ezra and Eli had their daily dose of wrestling.
-I am the referee
-I felt like I was feeding Ezra all day
-I also felt like I was fighting him all day to sit at the table, on his bottom.
-I stared at the heaping piles of laundry that needed to be folded and said over and over again. "I am going to fold that..."
-We had school time. Learned about Frank the Fish. And all sorts of F words (That sounded Funny- No pun intended;)
-I promised Ezra that tomorrow after our going to our church's Friendship and Fun play time (Both start with F's) that we would stop and get some French Fries. (It's for school, okay?!) See what we are doing here?
- We had lunch, and array of things. Leftovers and yogurts and apple sauces and hot dogs and mac and cheese and broccoli and turkey sandwiches and pretzels..... it was awful. Not to mention, a mess!
-After lunch as the boys played, I cleaned up. It occurred to me that I left something in the chapel at church yesterday and needed to get it before it was no longer there. I packed up the boys quickly and headed out.
-Once we made it back home, we played a little longer before naps.
-Eli went down perfectly and Ezra.... did not.
-I took hair appointments as they napped and when I originally planned this in my head, it went a lot smoother. I figured the boys would both be asleep and by the time they would be up, I would be finishing.
Not so. But it all worked out anyways.
-We had dinner--- another assortment of things... leftover soup and such.
-Ezra spilled his milk and I had to sternly exclaim to him to put both hands on his head (I was like a cop!) and not to move. He LOVES to play in his messes and I do not like having to clean a mess that just gets worse and worse as it sits for even just a split second. This killed him to watch this perfect puddle of milk on the table. He wanted to touch it and splash it so terribly. Instead, he used his strong nose breath to blow it as his fingers quivered closely next to his head. (of course, I had to grab a camera to prove it.)

-After dinner- the boys and the house was atrocious. I just wanted to shut my eyes and wiggle my nose and make it magically clean. We know that doesn't happen.
-I washed the boys up- dressed them in their jammies- brushed teeth, read stories and scriptures and tucked them in. All by 6:45.
-I watched them on the monitor. They were both asleep before 7. It was a dream!
-I sat down and folded 3 loads of laundry while I caught up on last nights Downton Abbey.
-Marshall got home, ate dinner and we ate cookies together as he told me about his day.

-Now, I am going to bed. I have a long day of "work" ahead of me. My "boss(es)" expect me to be at their every beck and call.

My week is packed with all sorts of things to look forward to. I hope yours is too!