Monday, February 10, 2014

My Monday:

I started the day off like all the rest of my Mondays. But today. I barely got ready for the day. I sent a text to my friend who was coming to have her hair done to let her know the dress code for today. Comfy clothes and a beanie hat kinda day. Since I take clients most days, I am usually always dressed up. Black pants, full face makeup. But today, I refused. I was giving myself permission to have a case of the Mondays. 

We had a good day, today. We are all healthy! YAHOO! No more boogers, no more puke and no more upset tummies! Eli is finally drinking his beloved soy milk and making up for all the meals he missed out on for the last week. 

I spent a lot of the morning cleaning up from the weekend and even pulled out our Valentine's mail boxes for Cupid to fill. ;) 

Ezra's imagination has been running full speed lately. And he is talking non.stop.
 I am pretty sure this bus drove for miles through our living room today.

Eli's eczema on his scalp seems to be bothering him lately. I am still a little unsure of what triggers it, but I put socks on his hands to keep him from scratching his poor head. 

I did hair for a friend this morning and afterward we had lunch. I ate all the leftovers from the weekend, or so it felt that way. I felt like a garbage disposal.
And after cleaning up our lunch mess, Henry arrived.

But today, he came with a bouquet of flowers, mini cupcakes and a beautiful card for Valentines. (I sure hope Ezra's friends never stop bringing me flowers ;) It really made my day.

Ezra was so excited and happy that Henry came to play today. They did what they always do.
They ripped off the cushions from the couch and jumped for an hour straight. 

These photos of Henry and Ezra are so true to their personalities. Ezra jumps, but not too high. He is cautious and very careful. Henry is fearless and so agile.

We had to stop for a cupcake break. Of course. We even tried making Valentines cards, but jumping on the pillows was a lot more fun. They hated my idea.

Eli wants so badly to get in the mix- I am so glad that Henry and Ezra were careful not to squash him.

After Henry left, I laid Eli down for a nap and put Ezra in my bed. I have noticed that he will just play in his bed and not as quiet as he should. He naps the best in our bed and I am totally okay with that. He needs his rest.

Eli woke up before Ezra (as usual) and I was able to snuggle him up and share a snack with him as I watched last night's Downton. 
I had to wake Ezra up from his slumber so we could run to Target for a few things. The only way I could convince him to roll out was to tell him that there was a treat waiting for him in his mailbox. (Good thing there was.)

By the time we made it back home, it was dark and an hour past our usual dinner time.

This morning got away from us and I had forgotten about our school time. I put Eli down for the night and had a quick one on one with Ezra. We reviewed the letter D, talked about triangles and the color green.

I was proud of myself for still managing to get the boys fed, bathed and in bed just past 7pm.

I am excited to see all sorts of friends this week and for Valentines weekend. We aren't sure what we are going to do yet, but I am sure it will be great.

Have a great week!