Monday, February 24, 2014

My Monday-

There has been a box of thin mints teetering on top of our refrigerator all day and after the day Ezra handed to me, I want to rip into that box face first and tear it open with my teeth. The only thing stopping me is the disappointment and disgust on Marshall's face when I would have to tell him that I ate the last sleeve of the only box of girl scout cookies in the house. So I resisted.

Today was not one of my most favorite of days, and I barely want to even replay it in my mind- so let's get right to it.

-Eli slept until 7:30! This never happens. He did happen to wake up around 5:15, but I just laid him back down. I was able to get a shower before he woke up.

-I had to literally pin Ezra down to get him dressed this morning. And of course, as frustrating as this already was, both legs go into one pant leg. UGH! So annoying.

-Ezra was a pill. He hated me. He hated Eli. He hated breakfast. He hated lunch. He hated dinner.He hated going potty. He hated bathtime. He liked Henry. But hated when Henry wouldn't play with his toys right..... He was killing me today.

- Caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and thought three things. I look old.My hair looks red and I really need a haircut. See for yourself.

- We had school time and reviewed the letter I. I think Ezra liked this... Not so sure.

-I was on the phone with the bank about a possible fraudulent charge. another UGH!

-Henry came to play! We SO needed his little happy spirit today. He surely cleared the dark clouds that surrounded our home today.The boys played in the cushions/pillows, shared a banana, played legos and played trains and even pretended to be couples figure skaters.

- After Henry left,Ezra miraculously played perfectly quiet in his room for his one hour of quiet time while Eli and I napped. We all needed that hour to rest our minds.

- Ezra yelled/roared LOUDLY while I was trying to book a dentist appointment. I wrapped my arm around his head and shoved my hand over his mouth while dragging him to the corner for a time out. I silently mouthed how much trouble he was in while I tried my best to listen to the crabby receptionist-- She sounded like she hated her job and I was wishing I had hers instead of mine today.

- I made chicken curry for dinner and even prepared another meal for this week.

- Bathed the boys and had them both in bed before 7. Eli fought a bit to go down and Ezra was out before I even shut his door.

-Maybe my day wasn't so terrible after all, but I am completely drained. All I want to do is shut my eyes.

I am exhausted! And this week is busy! I am SO looking forward to March. I am praying hard that March may bring us warmer and happier days. Did I mention that this is Marshall's last week of swimming...? SO CLOSE TO THE END! We NEED him!

Hope your Monday was much better than ours.