Friday, March 7, 2014

Fun Facts Friday: Most photos from my phone.

There is no way that it is Friday- there is no way. But I know it is true. 
The daylight is longer but the journey into night has seemed too smooth to be real. A real perk to Marshall being home again. We have loved having him home for dinner, baths and bedtime. This is the hardest time of the day for all of us, especially if naps have been skipped. 

I am looking forward to the weekend, although, I am wishing that we were all healthy. The boys and I have had more colds this year than any other year of our lives, (I am pretty sure) My kids seem to touch EVERYTHING and put everything in their mouths. They are so gross. I am gross and everything is gross. I am tired of dealing with this gross stuff.

Here are a couple fun facts:

-Ezra dresses Eli up in odd things he finds around the house. I love this.

-Eli walks all over the place! And he moves fast!

-It always kills me a little watching the boys wave bye to Marshall as he leaves for work. Every day this week, Ezra asked Marshall to stay home and play.

-This week we focused on the letter J- and shapes. We Jumped a lot this week.

-I am the neighborhood watch. I SEE EVERYTHING. I also know that the neighbor across from me takes his king charles outside on leash to go potty every 2 hours. I know too much.

-Would you believe it if I told you that I left the house like this all day? Cause I did. It's good for the kids.

-When one of my children are crying, I never go to them immediately. Unless it is a blood curdling scream, then I run like the dickens and pray that a bone isn't sticking out or that there isn't a fork in their eye.

- Wouldn't it be awesome if I could have all my children by the time I am thirty?

- Ezra suffered a natural consequence last night. He chose not to eat dinner with us, and went to bed hungry. His consequence was that he would be really hungry until breakfast. He woke up this morning and the first thing he said was " I'm hungry!" -- imagine that.

- I moved the furniture around in our bedroom again this week,I swear the only way to clean is to move everything. I would move our house from the ground if I could. I need some change once in a while. 

-We went to library again this week and stocked up on more books, the building is closing until June! We will have to go to another library in the mean time, but we are totally bummed, this library is so close and convenient.

- I don't own a single padded bra. 

- I hate time outs. I sometimes feel they are useless. 

-I love it when the boys hug eachother, or more like, Ezra bear hugging Eli.

- I don't normally leave the house with the boys to go shopping, but this week we did and had an extremely successful trip. I sent a group text to my family to tell them all about it. (I need to get out more)

- I have an eye appointment today, Eli has his 15 month check up and I also have a dentist appointment next week. It's pathetic how accomplished I feel by having these appointments on the calendar.

-I make Ezra look at my eyes when I discipline him. He hates it, but I think I contact is important when speaking to people.

-I hate it when my boys jammies are from the night before and saggy bottomed and stretched. I like them best when they are freshly washed and dried.

- I think Eli is going to be my hipster child. He hates wearing socks and shoes, eats lots of fruits and vegetables, loves music, is super calm and chill and like to hide behind furniture.

- Ezra already knows what he wants to be for Halloween. And he can't wait.

We have a busy weekend ahead- and it's warming up out there. Things are looking up!

Have a great one!