Friday, March 21, 2014

Fun Facts Friday:

A couple weeks back, I attended a morning activity at church with my boys. We open the church gym once a month, bring random dishes to share with others and let our kids run free.
Both boys had runny noses and were head deep in colds, and frankly, I should have left them home. But I didn't. I felt like I needed to pack us all up and join in on the fun.
Once I was there, I immediately regretted being there. Eli's boogers wouldn't stop pouring out of his nose. Ezra was miserable and acting so, and he couldn't keep his sick little hands out of the oreo package that sat close to the edge of the table. I tried to visit with some seasoned mothers whose children are older and have moved on. As Eli cried and moaned to be out of his stroller, I wiped his snot nose, and scolded Ezra to stay out of the Oreos. I looked at one of the women and sarcastically said, " Do you ever look at me or mothers with young children and feel bad for us, or think how glad you are that you are done with all of this?" She eloquently,confidently and quite simply said, "Never. I miss it." Another woman who sat near nodded her head in agreement. I tried to listened as they went on about missing having their children near by and growing up with them But I haven't forgotten how I felt when they shared how much they missed those days. It reminded me of this quote, from Jeffery R. Holland, “In speaking of mothers generally, I especially wish to praise and encourage young mothers. The work of a mother is hard, too often unheralded work. . . . Do the best you can through these years, but whatever else you do, cherish that role that is so uniquely yours and for which heaven itself sends […]

I can often feel down and out about motherhood and if I am doing enough- and sometimes I need to cherish my role more and to absolutely cherish the moments that I have with my children right now. It surely is unique and sent from Heaven. I am grateful for that.

Here are a couple Fun Facts:

-I never want to see what I look like yawning. 

-I am absolutely obsessed with looking at photos of hair. I love front views, side views and back views and you will find me late at night in bed prowling the web looking at photos of haircuts,colors and styles. It is an addiction.

- When I have a coupon with an expiration date that is close to todays date, I panic. We MUST USE this now, I think.

- Easter candy is out. which means working out and eating well is out. (Easter candy IS my all time FAVORITE!)

- Ezra's brain is my favorite brain. He is really funny and says the most clever things.

- I hate when clothes fade. I wish there was a magic product that would prevent this from happening.

- I most likely can never have a "casual" conversation about faith. I have to stop myself from bearing my entire soul to you about my beliefs. It can be a strength,and it can also be a weakness.

- I should never be put in charge of planning a party or event.

- I don't shake off dreams very well, they stick with me throughout the day and I almost believe they happened or will happen.

- I always wondered what it would be like to fall in love with someone more and more every single day. Now I know. I have felt it with my husband and I feel it with my children.

- I have tickets to visit my sister in Seattle! See you soon, Sis!

- Eli may need glasses! We are going to a pediatric optometrist in a couple weeks to have his eyes checked. I am a little worried about his vision, but he sure would be cute with little glasses!

- I have had to reconsider people in my life who would negatively influence my spiritual progress and the affect they would have in my life. It wasn't easy, but was always right.

-I remember being cartwheeled in the face by my best friend at our neighbors house, It wasn't a big deal- but I remember crying so bad that my friend ran all the way home out of either compassion or embarrassment? Not sure- we never talked about it. I still feel bad for overreacting the way I did. I was 10 years old or so.

- I don't mind not leaving the house. I am perfectly content staying in, but I LOVE dressing nice to go out.

- It drives me crazy when I see people working with wet hair. So unprofessional

- I also think dressing appropriately is a sign of respect and good manners.

I am really looking forward to the weekend. I have a great meeting to attend tomorrow and have asked people that I love to come along.

Have a great weekend!