Friday, March 28, 2014

Fun Facts Friday:

This week... My patience has been tried and tested. I have ground my teeth and clenched my fists. I even yelled. I put myself in a time out more than once.I covered my eyes and my ears and I even gave Ezra a "mom look"  I did all sorts of things that I am not proud of.

But as I have prayed and pondered about the position that I gratefully hold as a mother, I have been clearly reminded how Ezra and Eli were sent to ME so I can be their mother, so I can love them. They were sent to me, so they can love ME. They were sent to Me so I can teach them, and they can teach ME! They were specifically sent to Marshall and myself to have their very own lives and my role is great in the eyes of my Heavenly Father. As much as I must cherish my role as a mother- no matter how hard it can be, I MUST cherish my sweet little children even MORE. Even as I write this, my heart is filled with this truth. 

Here are some fun facts this week:

-My Monday post would have bored you to death- Really. I can't even remember the day- it was so boring.

- Ezra shared a scripture with the primary during sharing time last Sunday. Marshall went to help him and I stuck back with Eli. Ezra knew the scripture (1John 14:4) by heart, we practiced and practiced all week and prepared him well for it. When Ezra went to the front to give his scripture, he pretended to be sleeping and started to "snore"-- the class couldn't help but laugh and Marshall had to "wake him up" to finally share it. I am glad it was Marshall that helped him and not me, I would not have been able to to keep it together. I wasn't there to witness this, but laughed SO hard when Marshall told me this later on.

- We have established a "Calm Down Corner" in our home. This is a place where Ezra can take a few minutes to calm down when he gets worked up and to let us know when he is ready to be with us again. This is different than a time out corner. Our time out corner is for when he breaks one of our house rules, in example; hitting, pushing, knocking down, head bonking, taking toys, throwing toys, not listening....etc.  I run a tight ship.

- We have also started a job chart. Ezra is responsible for making his bed, feeding Frankie, clearing his plate and putting it in the sink, helping with laundry (He separates the light from dark) Reads a scripture (with us, of course) He loves to help and this way he can see his progress and get a sticker. 

- Eli fell down hardwood stairs at a friends house this past Sunday. Shook us up real good. Mom and dad of the year award goes to Mr. and Mrs. Abrahamson. Thankfully, Eli only had a bruise on his head and nothing more.

-I would do anything to see green grass. This weather is killing me.

-Eli LOVES playing with Ezra. Ezra is learning to play better with Eli, too. It makes me really happy when I don't have to watch their every move all the time. 

- I can't wait until Eli has all of his teeth. I can't handle him teething. He has been an emotional wreck the last week or so.

-I have really good intentions to take before/afters of hair that I have done, but I either forget or don't want to put my guest on the spot. 

- The pointy finger nail trend-- I don't like it. It kind of scares me.

- I wish I knew how to speak another language. 

- I miss singing in a choir.

-Ezra goes "Wo-oop Woop" really high with his voice and thinks he is whistling. 

- - Anyone want to hang out with me this Saturday night? There is a Women's Conference at my church this Saturday and and ice cream and pie social afterward- seriously, Let me know. I am looking forward to going-- just not alone!

I feel like this weekend is going to go faster than we would like. Enjoy it while it lasts!