Monday, March 17, 2014

My Monday:

Our house was the Fun house today. We are actually almost all past our colds, except Eli- who is still a little congested. We had two play dates planned and we had a blast! 

After getting ready for the day and having breakfast, I played with the boys a bit. After Ezra pretended to blast me with his "shooter" I pretended to be dead. I laid there, with my eyes shut and my mouth open. (Don't do this) Ezra poked me a number of times with his little fingers asking, "What's the matter, mom?" I didn't move. not a muscle. I wanted to see what he would do.. like, call 911 or something... He poked a little harder and then put his salty little finger into my mouth and asked what the matter was, just a little louder. He proceeded to pry my eyelids open with what felt like his fingernails. I decided to be alive again after Eli drooled on my forehead. It's good to know that if I was to happen to die or pass out that I will not be rescued by my three year old or 15 month old. I will probably die in their presence, but be found with a funny hat on and something placed in my mouth.

First we had Emmett over, who we haven't played with for a long time. He brought over a bunch of his own toys as great as it was for Emmett to have toys that he recognized, it was great for Ezra to have new toys to see and play with as well. Eli loved the extra attention he got from Michelle and so did I. I love Michelle and it was so great to have her over and to catch up. I am really blessed to have her as a friend.

Ezra REALLY wanted to wrestle Emmett. Emmett was a good sport and let Ezra pin him a couple times before going home. 

After Emmett went home, we had a quick lunch and did St. Patty's craft before Henry came over to play. Ezra liked it for 2 minutes and then I think he realized how ridiculous his hat was and wanted nothing to do with it.

We were happy Henry came this week, last week we missed him and this week we made up for lost time. Even Eli was all fun and games.

The boys all played with each other!

And they loved it!

Eli wanted to be right in the mix with the big boys and they let him! 
Eli was only knocked down and out a couple times, but not without hugs and sorrys. These boys are truly gentle giants to him, I am sure.

You can't see Eli's face in the photos below, but he was getting a kick out of these boys jumping out from behind the chair and laughing at him. It was actually hysterical. I love the pure joy and happiness that is smeared across their three year old little faces. It was contagious.

And apparently Ezra remembered our "play dead" game from this morning. Awesome. Henry didn't try shoving anything in his mouth or poke him violently.

After Henry left, I was exhausted. I was really really spent. I asked Ezra if he was ready for some quiet time and was surprised when he said, NOPE! I laid Eli down, and pulled Ezra into his room and explained to him his options to either nap, or play quietly with his monster trucks. He chose the latter. Of course he did. I laid down, and fell asleep. Immediately. Ezra opened his door a few times, but not without me waving my arm at him and mouthing silently to shut it and be quiet. I tell him to wait until he hears Eli wake up to come out. He had to wait a while.. But when Eli woke up we were both ready to move forward with the rest of the day.

We had a snack and did out school time. Today, we learned about the letter L. We made the letter L with our bodies, traced a capital L and a small l and even practiced writing one. We also watched a couple L videos. I made dinner while Eli played at my feet. When Marshall got home, we ate quickly before the missionaries came to share a message with us. It was fun to have them over tonight for our family home evening. They always bring the sweetest spirit with them and Ezra loves having them over. He was able to try on their name tag and liked having his scriptures in his lap just like them.

Before they left, we knelt in prayer and had brownies.

Marshall and I rushed the boys off to bed and settled in for the night.

 I am tired! But I am looking forward to the rest of the week! I can't believe March is almost over! This year is already going too fast.

I heard it is supposed to snow tomorrow. I kind of want to cry.

Happy Monday.