Monday, March 31, 2014

My Monday::

This day started just as I knew it would. I woke up ambitious, I was actually going to attempt to run before the boys woke up.(A couple nights ago, I had laugh/cried to Marshall of how lazy I am and how much I need to change)Ezra was asleep and Marshall was in the shower, I rolled over to check the video monitor to make sure Eli was still snoozing and I was freaked out to see that he was sitting up and staring into the camera. I went in and grabbed him and thought I would give my run another try later on.

We had our breakfast- said our good byes to dad.

Today was the first day in a month that Eli's nose wasn't running. I almost couldn't believe I didn't have to run to him to wipe his nose. It was a Monday Miracle! And because he seems to finally be feeling better we checked in on Henry. He was sick last week and didn't come to play and today we kept the boys away from each other so they can be in tip top shape for our next week's play date. These germs are nasty and I am at my wits end with colds. We are also watching the most adorable baby boy on Wednesday and we all need to be healthy!

As Eli went down for his morning nap, I showered and had no shame of putting my pajamas back on. I don't have many days where I can do this, so I embrace is greatly when I can.

It was fun to watch the boys move around the house today. Ezra's imagination has been in full force lately, and he is killing me. Eli moves around a lot faster and is communicating what he wants without words yet, but we understand his grunts.;) Ezra is Mr. Independent, if he is hungry he goes straight to the fridge, pulls out and apple and chows down. Later this afternoon, I found this apple in his police man hat--he still needs to learn to finish his apple or throw it away.

I didn't book any appointments today so I could get some things done around the house.When I am busy with hair and other things, the house falls apart!
I successfully washed the boys bedding and had it back on their beds before lunchtime, folded and put away two loads of laundry, went through my shoes and made bags to toss (there were embarrassingly over worn. I don't know how Marshall could allow me to walk around in some of these shoes!) and another bag to give away. I also cleaned out Frankie's bowl, printed out last years bank summaries for Taxes (We are a little late in the game) I had dinner all ready to pop in the oven when Marshall got home so it could bake while I ran. Marshall fed the boys and kept them happy while I was able to sneak away for a bit. It was NICE!! I popped into a hair coloring webinar while I ate dinner, I didn't like that it was during dinner time, but really wanted to watch it. I am so glad that I did, I learned so much and really want to do some hair!
As I ate and watched my webinar, Ezra played outside on the deck. He tossed the chunks of ice that were still left on the deck and played with our yard gnome. Eli cried terribly as he watched from the window. We really need to invest in a little dirty suit for Eli to play outside in. It killed him that he couldn't be outside with Ezra.

Afterwards, we had a quick Family Home Evening on animals and how Heavenly Father had Jesus create the animals for us. We tossed the boys into the tub for baths. Eli couldn't have been happier. I didn't want to have to pull him out.

We did our stories, scriptures and prayers and tucked the boys in.

I have a surprising amount of energy for a Monday night and I am liking it! I should run more often ;)