Friday, April 4, 2014

Fun Facts Friday:

Me- "What do you like to do with Daddy?" 
Ezra- "plays fire trucks"
Me- "What else?"
Ezra- "I try the potty with daddy" - "Read books with daddy" - "Running down the hallway with daddy and playing toys" - "I like to exercise with daddy" "Kiss him and hug him" - "Play outside with daddy.. in the snow."  
Me- "What do you love about Daddy?
Ezra- ".........I just do"

I love the photo of Ezra looking at Marshall. This is a clear example of the eyes we have for this man. Marshall is the most wonderful man that I know. My children are blessed to have their father to look to as an example of the good in the world. I am blessed to have him as my husband. Today, we are celebrating Marshall's 34th birthday! You would never guess he was this old by looking at him! But his jokes give his age away- I call his jokes, "grandpa jokes" because they are just down right safe and cheesy. 
Happy Birthday, Marshall. 

Here are a couple fun facts:

-We were able to watch our sweet little friend, Noah, this week. He was perfect and made me miss having a little baby at home. 

-Ezra was an impeccable helper with Noah. He held his bottles, held him and helped whenever I asked him too. He was eager to be of service and it was such a fun day.

-Eli, on the other hand- kept his distance for most of the time. Which I thought was interesting. I though he would be much more curious than he was.

- Eli gives kisses with a real smoochie sound and big hugs. He is the sweetest little guy.

 - Ezra is VERY heavy footed. He plants his heel hard on our floor and appreciates the sounds that ripple through the house from his tiny little foot.

-I had the opportunity to give a devotional on Moral Relativism for early morning (6am, early!) seminary this week. It reminded me of my early mornings in high school when I went. It was a great way to start my day.

-I insist on dorky party hats, any time we have a birthday party. I don't know why I make us wear them.

- I am having serious anxiety about flying to Washington this week. I hope my plane doesn't go missing.

-I pray daily that I am loving people right. 

-This snow is really ticking me off. I can't handle it. I am looking forward to getting away, even if it for just a weekend.

-Next Friday, I will be posting from Washington! I am SO excited!

-Marshall is getting a new bike for his Birthday. He is training for a triathlon. He is so cool.

-I have never downloaded music in my life. I am so lame. I don't even know how I would begin to do it. But Pandora is my favorite and Preschool Rock is the cutest kid station

- I wish I had curly hair. I do. I have always wanted wild and unruly curly hair. My hair is bone straight.

- Eli communicates to us in his own way and we understand him. He points a lot. ;)

I am looking forward to spending the evening with Marshall and our friends. This weekend is also is a huge weekend for members of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. It is what we call, General Conference. People from all over the world can hear the words of our 
Prophet Thomas S. Monson and the apostles. I look forward to hearing their inspired talks and I know that I will hear something specifically for me to know and understand. Feel free to watch it! This is something for everyone to hear.

Have a great weekend!