Friday, April 11, 2014

Fun Facts Friday::

I'm writing from Washington and enjoying time my time with my sister and her sweet family. I am missing my boys like crazy and dying to know what they are up to.
I don't quite feel myself without them around me, I am sure I won't get used to it. I am almost most comfortable talking to Grayson, her three and a half year old than anyone else. Imagine that. 

Here are some photos and some fun facts:

-Baby Kyle Dawson Durfey was born on 4/8/2014 
7 lbs. 4 ounces 20.5 inches

-He is so sweet and quiet. And nocturnal.

-I forget how teeny tiny new babies are- I can't believe my babies were both smaller than him.

-I forgot to pack deodorant. Major whoopsies.

-Before I left the boys, I had 5 pages of an itinerary typed and hung to the wall for Marshall's mother. I am so grateful she was able to spend a couple days with the boys so I could come out.

-From what it sounds like, Marshall is doing a great job without me at home. Maybe I should leave him for long stretches more often. ;)

-Ezra has been waking up and searching through the house for me and is sad to be reminded that I wouldn't be home for a couple more days.

- My house was immaculately clean before I left, even Frankie the fish's bowl got a scrub down.

-I won't be able to watch Ezra at his very first soccer camp, but I am so excited that Marshall gets to have a morning out with the boys, I am sure it will be awesome!

- I will surely enjoy the weekend in Washington with Kyra's family.

Have a great weekend! 

Here are some photos of the boys!

Meanwhile in Minnesota.....