Friday, April 18, 2014

Fun Facts Friday:

I handed Eli a cup because it was obvious that he wanted one because his big brother had one. His grunts and gestures are his way of communicating. I understand his language.
I turned back to my sink full of dishes and scrubbed away until my next interuption. I looked over my shoulder and noticed Eli heading toward the bathroom. I immediately stopped mid dish and ran toward Eli. I beat him to the bathroom and put the baby gate up. I felt successful- that was a close one.
After ushering Eli the opposite direction, I noticed the front of him was soaked. His chin was dripping with water and his cup.... also wet. Confused, I immediately asked Ezra if he had filled up Eli's cup. Ezra denied it and I barely believed him. The thought of Eli taking his exciting new cup to the toilet and filling it with water for a drink ran through my mind. I didn't want to check the bathroom to see if it was indeed what happened. Of course, there was water on the toilet seat and a water droplet trail leading out of the bathroom. I looked at Eli and he looked back at me- studying my face with his crooked little eyes and his watered down chin. "Ohhh Eli... that is disgusting." was all I could utter. I washed his face and hands and changed his clothes.

Not even 5 minutes into his fresh outfit, he reached for Ezra's half empty cup of milk that teetered on the edge of our table, pouring it all over himself. Making its way into his nose and into his mouth. I ran to him again, but was too late. It only took a second for him to react by the fright of being drenched in cold cows milk- but another minute for his allergic reaction to start. I learned yesterday that just the mere contact of cows milk will cause a reaction for Eli. His nose immediately started running, his eyes began to swell, incessant sneezing and bumpy red bumps on his head, face and hands. I gave him benadryl and watched him closely. He kept cool and happy and I huffed and puffed as I washed him up and changed him for the third time.

Again, not even a few minutes later, I go to the bathroom. Door open of course, so I can hear what the boys are up to. Ezra runs in saying excitedly, " Eli got up there all by himself!" -----"GOT UP WHERE!?" I quickly finished up and ran to Eli who climbed onto our chair and was reaching toward the bookcase we have behind it. Another close one.......

These boys are busy. Eli is exploring the world around him and doesn't slow down. Thankfully Ezra is learning how to calm him self down and communicate with us when he is frustrated and upset, but also he is understanding how helpful he can be and that being helpful is just what we do as a family. Ezra is happy to help when he can and we really appreciate it.

I have been so busy with hair appointments and have been so grateful for friends and family who have been willing to help me with the boys.

Here are a couple fun facts::

- After ordering Eli's glasses on Monday, I am dying to pick them up. I can't wait to watch him adjust to being able to see.

- Eli is almost able to keep up with Ezra and almost able to hold his own against it. I can't wait until Eli can pin Ezra down and tackle him.

-I spied an I-tooth coming in for Eli. Those puppies are the worst teeth to come in. No wonder he has been up in the night and early early morning. Hmph....

-A friend from church dropped off the coolest toys for the boys this week and thankfully before the snow came. The toys kept my boys happy and their imaginations active!

- We had to take our van in for new tires this morning. It will be nice to have a smoother ride.

- My mother in law came over today and hid eggs for the boys, they loved it! The Easter comes tomorrow and I don't think he is ready! ;) I have barely had time to think about all that comes with Easter this year. This month has been crazy!

-Eli puts everything down the laundry chute. Just as his big brother used to. It's still just as fun for them as it is annoying for me.

- I am too impatient to let fruit completely ripen all the way. We bought a pineapple this week and I just want to cut it open and eat it up already!

- Many times this week as I said my prayers I was filled with so much gratitude. Grateful for so many things in my life, my faith, my husband, my children, my home,I literally could go on and on..... I feel so incredibly blessed at this time in my life.

- I miss my mom! She doesn't get home for another week and I miss her! I don't know how my sister can live away from her! I would be so lost. I didn't really realize how much I talk to her until just recently.

-We are attending an Easter egg hunt/potluck tomorrow at church and we are so excited for the boys! I am not sure Eli is quite old enough yet, but Ezra will have a blast!

- We are doing our own thing this year for Easter dinner. Usually we host, but with our church in the middle of the afternoon it is hard to plan around with our boys and their schedules. Sundays are already the busiest and hardest days of our week. We will miss all our aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents and great grandparents.

Have a beautiful Easter. I am so grateful for this time of year that we have to celebrate Christ and His resurrection, that we may also live again with Him.