Monday, April 7, 2014

My Monday: (Very short)

We spent our weekend watching General Conference. it was so uplifting and incredibly inspired. We packed up the boys and drove out to the temple in between the morning and afternoon session to get out of the house and it was the first time the boys have seen the temple in real life. It was really fun.
Because we did this, the boys were too wired to take their afternoon naps.
They were totally wiped by dinner time. We had the boys in bed by 6:45 last night.
Marshall and I were in bed just after 8. It was glorious!

Eli was up around 6. I rolled out of bed and hung out with Eli for a little while. I made Ezra some eggs and toast and even cut up strawberries and I waited for him to wake up.....
We waited and waited....

I asked Marshall to wake him up because he was approaching 13 hours of sleep and that is just unlike him (he must have really needed it.) He didn't want to be awake and didn't blame him.

Everything was too bright and he insisted on sunglasses. Marshall and I hid our laughter from him.

I am so mad at myself for not taking any pictures after this.

We had a play date with Emmett and with Henry and no proof of that either. But they all had fun. Ezra enjoying playing with Emmett and all his cars and Ezra and Henry were able to get outside for a little bit. Ezra learned quickly how to make mud and Henry wanted no part of that mess, I didn't blame him.
After Henry left, it was obvious how tired both the boys were from the fun had earlier.

After naps today, I packed up the boys and took them to the beauty supply. I really didn't want to but needed to get there before my trip and this was an open opportunity. I packed snacks and bribes.
The aisles are small and narrow and perfect for little hands to swipe everything off and onto the floor. I basically dread bringing my kids here.
In the end, it was fine. We all survived and I am sure the women that worked there only hated me a little but were happy when we left.

When we got home we only had a little time before Marshall was home. I was glad I had our dinner in the crock pot.

Ezra refused to eat what I made, so he will be hungry tomorrow and Eli LOVED it. He even ate with a fork!

We had family home evening and Marshall and I teamed up on bathing the boys and reading them stories.

I am feeling a little overwhelmed with the list of things that I need to take care of before I leave my boys. But I am really looking forward to it!

Have a great week!