Tuesday, April 22, 2014

My Monday (was busy!)

Both of my boys have been bathed, and dressed. I had to wrestle them both down to clean their ears and trim their nails and I even splashed a little baby cologne on their necks. They are currently listening to a cassette tape from the 70's that my mom had from years ago called "I am a mormon" and it is hilariously adorable. Eli turns in circles and claps his hands and Ezra marches around to his own beat.

I am trying hard to remember how our Monday went.

Here is what I do remember.

I tackled the boys to get their baths, had the dressed and ready early for their babysitter. We played in the sun that peeked through our living room window for most of the morning.

The boys took turns playing with a magnifying glass that someone passed on to us. It was so fun to watch Eli look into it and how happy he was to be able to see a little clearer. His smile was infectious and it was obvious how excited he was. This made me incredibly eager to have his glasses. I can't wait to pick them up!

I took a morning hair appointment and then we dropped her off. On the way home, we stopped at the beauty supply and took a walk to Target from their to pick up something for my friend who just had a baby and some superhero popsicles. Ezra kept asking to go home and sit in the grass. Even Ezra could feel the beauty of the weather around him.
We raced home for lunch before Henry came over. The boys were dying to run around outside and I was dying to get there with them.

They danced on the deck to music, ran through bubbles, and ate popsicles under the sun. Oh how I have missed the sun on my boys cheeks! It was wonderful to be alive on a day like yesterday. Ezra's cheeks are even brown from the sun. Vitamin D was just the medicine we needed after the winter we have endured.

After Henry was picked up, the boys were exhausted. Neither of them fought to be put down for their naps and even I couldn't stay awake.
 I had another appointment just before Marshall got home from work and Ezra stayed asleep for most of it while Eli sat contently near by.

We were happy to have Easter leftovers for dinner before I  had to sneak away to visit my friend and her new baby until my boys were asleep in their beds.

I got home just after 10 and had to quietly slip into bed so I wouldn't wake up anyone. What a day! And a great way to start our week!