Monday, April 14, 2014

My Monday:

 My weekend away from my family was great, but man oh man was I happy to see my boys again. I missed them like I didn't know I would! Both boys practically jumped into my arms and I loved every moment of it.
Even this morning, I was excited to wake up to take care of them.

I don't even remember getting ready for the day and getting us all out of the house on time.

Eli had an early eye appointment and Ezra had a play date. Thank heavens for that because we spent almost 3 hours at the eye clinic. Lucky for me there were guys (who looked like they were straight out of duck dynasty) who of course picked me out of the room filled with people, to talk to.. needless to say, this helped pass the time and provided wonderful entertainment. One of them even pulled a screwdriver out of his pocket to see what type of batteries were in one of Eli's toys. (I am not making this up!)

Many have asked how I knew to take Eli in to have his eyes checked especially being so young. I mean, he doesn't even talk yet.
A few moths ago I noticed that Eli's left eye would turn in. I watched it closely and even moved his chair at the kitchen table to exercise his eye a bit. Over time I noticed that while standing a few feet away from him that both eyes would turn in. I starting asking others if they noticed it as well, or if I was being a crazy mom. Sure enough, Marshall and I both agreed to bring it up at Eli's next pediatric well visit and our pediatrician referred us to an ophthalmologist. I am so happy I didn't shrug this off as something that would fix itself or even think it would go away. His vision was much worse than I even thought it could have been land now that we are correcting it, he hopefully won't have any issues later on. I left feeling so incredibly grateful for the care we received along with Marshall's job which provides insurance for our family.

Eli had quite to the assortment of super flexible child/baby proof glasses to try on- and these were the winners. We ordered them and will hopefully have them within a week. He looks so cute, I can't stand it.

After Eli's appointment, I picked up Ezra from his friends. Ezra had a BLAST! They were playing when I got there, but they had an easter egg hunt, had made little bunny bags and all sorts of fun things. I am so grateful he was able to spend the morning with his friend, Genevieve. 
We stopped for lunch in the way home.
We picked it up and came home to eat.
Eli was totally passed out in the back- he had such an exhausting morning.

After lunch, Henry came over.
Ezra was over the moon. He was having such a fun day.

Ezra knows how much Henry loves snacks and I know Ezra wasn't hungry when he asked for a snack-- just for Henry's sake.

The boys had a snack while Eli had a very late lunch. He woke up around 1:30 from his nap.

After Henry left, Ezra said, "Time for my nap..." and walked toward his room. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. But I knew he knew he needed one today. I thought I would try put Eli down for his nap at his regular time-- tried and failed. Who was I kidding, he wasn't tired- he skipped his afternoon nap today. Which was fine. I was able to snuggle him while Ezra slept.

I had to wake Ezra up for his school time. He didn't mind. He loves his school time. Today we reviewed the letter P. I love that Eli gets to sit in on Ezra's school time. I know that he will eventually pick up what we work on.

After school time, I put dinner together and Marshall came home.
We ate quickly and had family home evening to prepare us for Easter. Afterward, we packed up the boys and picked up some groceries.
Marshall unpacked the groceries while I bathed the boys. I even gave Eli his first haircut in the salon chair, with a cape on. He had to sit on Marshall's lap, but Eli cleaned up nicely!

I almost didn't want to put the boys to sleep tonight, I had such a fun day with them! I really must have missed them when I was away. I am sure by Friday I will be ready for another trip away ;)

I am looking forward to getting back to work in my family, in my home and in the salon!

Have a great week!

Have a great week!