Friday, May 2, 2014

Fun Facts Friday!

It's amazing how just a little sunshine peeking in can suddenly charge your soul to do something!
I had lists of chores that I wanted and needed to complete this week. Since it rained every day,I figured it would be the most perfect week to get to them. Unfortunately, I couldn't bring myself to do almost most them! I didn't want to do anything- and I obviously didn't want to tell anyone about it. Hence, my mini blog hiatus.

I made it a point to keep the boys as busy as I could this week. We worked together on cleaning up messes, organizing the toy shelf (Which took an ENTIRE day- I might add), finished all the laundry (until next week) rearranged Ezra's room, played the funnest indoor games, had a play date, had another spontaneous and rambunctious evening play date that left Marshall exhausted and we have a lunch date this afternoon. I cannot even tell you how happy I am to hear that there is sunshine in the forecast. Heaven knows we ALL need it!

Here are a couple Fun Facts:

- I never dated anyone with brown eyes. Now that I have boys with brown eyes, I regret that I never did.

- When I go out to eat, I usually always order the same thing. I always want to try something new, but fear that I will hate it and I will have wasted my money. So, I will usually talk who I am with into trying it, so I can try it.

-I may or may not have a "just in case" wife picked out for Marshall in case I die. He isn't thrilled about any of it. I promise.

- For some reason I feel terrible serving my kids the butt of the loaf of bread. I give it to them anyways.

-Eli is learning how to show that he is sorry. He leans his head in for a hug or puckers up for a kiss. In his own way, he tries to sign "sorry" regardless, it is always sweet.

- It is so disheartening that there are children,teens and adults in the world who don't feel loved. Who are angry enough to create company for their misery. Whose selfish acts of plotting and executing violence is their way of communicating their pain to to the world. It would be naive to think that if I home school my children that they may be protected from such things like this. But the truth is, these violent acts can happen anywhere at anytime. We live in a world where people are hurting and need love in their lives. I will do my best to teach my children of the love that God and our Savior has for them, but also, the love that we have for them and I pray that they will be loving to everyone they come in contact with. Love is the answer and as I was just recently reminded from a talk from General Conference,"Pure Christlike love can change the world" - Elder Jefferey R. Holland

- Ezra learned about the letter S this week. The letter S is probably my most favorite letter in the Alphabet.

- Eli is a book worm. Now that he can see better, he can sit in the middle of all his books and pick one up after another and look through it. Clifford's Bedtime is his favorite and for some reason, he kisses the pages. I think that he thinks he is kissing Clifford good night.

- I usually only put jeans on my kids if we leave the house- otherwise I keep them in sweats.

- Ezra picked out Grandmas Birthday present, we walked in and he said, "Let's get Grandma a new dress!" and we did (Well, kind of- a skirt and top)! I hope she likes it! He was so proud of what he picked and I was impressed that it matched and went together! He is definitely my kid.

- Marshall thinks that he may have a herniated disc in his back. I hope he can recover quickly and be comfortable. I feel bad when he is worried. And as much as I pretend to not worry, I DO! I don't want him to DIE! (my mind immediately goes there)

- I am not someone who is easily offended and often times I even wonder if I am a total rock- but one thing is for certain, my sisters can say just the thing to  make me question myself.

- I am grateful that our basement didn't leak from all the rain. Props to my smart husband who graded the foundation and prevented the rain from getting in!

I am looking forward to celebrating my mom's birthday this weekend! And for hopefully clear skies!

Have a great weekend!