Friday, May 16, 2014

Fun Facts Friday:

I had high hopes for this week. In my mind, the sun was going to shine, the wind would be a gentle warm breeze and everything planned on the calendar would cancel or fall through. I would have the week to enjoy the outdoors with my boys and the only responsibilities that I would have would be to love them, play with them, feed them and snuggle them. But let's get real- the sun hid all week long and the wind was almost icy. I put all of our winter coats away earlier this week in hopes that we were past the cold. It is almost June and I swear that it is still winter.

I am always so impressed with the things that I learn about myself every week. My children are continuously teaching me patience, understanding and compassion. As a twenty year old I couldn't see past myself. I had the world in MY hands and I did whatever I wanted. As I have married and had children I am so grateful that my perception is based on the needs of people besides myself. I barely have time to consider what would be best for me anymore because the needs of me are far less superior than the needs of my children and husband. It has been an honor to look at my life through these new eyes I have been given. My heart has been humbled and taught a new love for this new world that I live and I am forever grateful for that.

Here are some fun facts:

- Ezra asks SO many questions and has SO much to say.

- Ezra had a scratch on his face yesterday and I put a band aid on it- this actually kept him from talking as much as he normally does and I felt bad.
- People ask me what my favorite part of doing hair is and I answer everyone the same- transformations are my favorite. I love nothing more than giving someone an entirely new look.
- I am in a "get things done" frame of mind. Watch out.
- I don't know how to cut fruit and vegetables the "right" way - especially onions.
- Our yard is green! I am itching to get some flowers in pots in the front!
- I have bananas on the counter ready for banana bread.
- Building solid, dark forts is our favorite past time these past few days.

- Just when I think Eli can't get cuter- he puts on cookie monster slippers and a backpack.
- I pretend to be more mad at Marshall than I ever really am.
- I wish my sister and her family lived closer. I really miss my nephews.
- It makes me so mad when Ezra is mean to Eli. I mean SO mad. I totally feel like I understand how God feels when we are unkind to others. I understand His commandment, Love One Another.
-Eli is ready to be down to one nap a day- more ready than I am.
-We took Ezra to the dentist for the first time last Saturday. He did fairly well, although he wouldn't dare let them take xrays.
- Eli has a new voice- a less grunty- high,sing songy voice.

I always look forward to the weekend- especially with nice weather on the horizon!

Have a great weekend!