Friday, May 23, 2014

Fun Facts Friday:

This weather.
It is exactly what we have been needing.
 Ezra grabs his shoes and Eli grabs his and follows swiftly behind, begging me to put them on. I slide open our glass door and let them free. Ezra bolts the second his heavy little feet hit the deck and Eli stumbles over the threshold trying to keep up. I stand near and soak in the sun that stretches throughout the backyard and I am grateful for these few beautiful days. When the weather was dry and sunny, we spent our time outside. We met friends at a new park, we went to a friends house to play and played in the dirt piles in our own backyard. I am exhausted already from the outdoor fun and I know it has just begun.

Here are a couple fun facts:

-I have a terrible bruise on my forearm and have no idea how I got it. It is painful.

- I went down a crazy slide with Eli the other day and burnt the hair on my arm straight off. (Same arm as the bruise, just on the top side! I am having a rough week.

- I LOVE spam. In fact, I am kicking myself for not picking any up the last trip to the store. I won't be making that mistake again.

- Eli has 3 teeth coming in. He was unusually grumpy this week and had drool spilling out of his mouth and onto anything that was below him. Landed on my feet a few times..

- We make cake for no reason. We love excuses to make cakes.

- I have the best ghost stories.

- We don't watch rated R movies.

-I need to take my kids shopping for summer clothes. I have been putting it off because the weather has been unacceptable- but now that it is cooperating, it will be easier to think about it.

- Marshall doesn't drink caffeine and I rarely do. When I do, I can't sleep. I am totally wired.

-I ordered three books on Amazon and can't wait to get them.

- I want to spend more time reading actual books and less time on my stupid phone.

- Ezra has a good friend in his Sunday school class who is moving within the month and we have asked him to pray for a new friend to move into the area who will be in his class. It is really sweet to hear his prayers, asking for a new friend. (and also really sad)

- I wish I had a client who was a medium. I have so many questions.

- I blame the time of year of my children's birthdays on not planning extravagant parties for them. I hope they forgive me.

-I am REALLY looking forward to spending the weekend with my boys! YAHOO for a long weekend!