Tuesday, May 6, 2014

My Monday:

"Don't say good morning to me...I'm going potty and going back to bed, I don't wanna be awake, yet" Ezra said in him scratchy morning voice as he stormed to the bathroom and climbed on his stool to use the potty. Marshall and I glanced at each other and smiled. We knew exactly how he felt. Mondays are hard and sometimes we just don't want to hear "Good Morning"
I had a busy morning with the boys. I had to wrestle them down to get them ready for the day. We cleaned up our morning and post weekend messes. I put Eli down for his morning nap and set Ezra up with a show as I did my friend's hair. My mom came shortly after to help me with the boys and to have her hair colored. Afterward, I made lunch for all of us. Ezra desperately needed to get outside. I was preparing him all morning for Henry to come and play with him and just before we were expecting him, his mom messaged me that we was home sick. After telling Ezra the news, he crumbled. "Who is going to play with me!?"  and he kicked and cried. I scooped him up and assured him that I would, but I am not nearly as fun as Henry. My mom asked if we wanted to take a ride to drop something off for her and I agreed. Nothing like a warm comfy ride around town to calm the boys down.
When we got back the boys were both ready for their naps.

We had plans to meets friends at the park for dinner and family home evening and we all looked forward to it. Once Marshall was home, we left. 

The weather was perfect and the boys were so happy to be outside with friends.

We all shared a bucket of chicken and biscuits and weren't quite ready to leave when the time came.
We put the boys in the tub when we got home and put them to bed before cuddling up to watch our show.

Just a few minutes into it, we heard-- bang! bang! bang!

I immediately thought it was a gun, but convinced myself it was a firecracker or something less worse.

Moments later 3 police cars flew down our street and more and more first responders started to arrive and our street was blocked off. By standers started to show and congregated in our front yard and across the street. News reporters began to set up their equipment and test their lighting. 

We learned later that the a man who lived down the street had shot his neighbor and wife, killing one and injuring the other. 

I am so shaken that this happened so close to home- but so grateful that my children were snuggled in their beds for the night as the lights flashed and chaos ensued outside their windows. 

Love your neighbors, people and if you don't-- keep your distance or leave them alone.