Monday, May 12, 2014

My Monday::

Instead of updating my blog on Friday, I spent the time that it takes to write - playing on the floor with my boys- I created a massive fort in our living room and pretended we were in a submarine and we searched for sharks and jelly fish. Eli and Ezra took turns being scary whales and we hid and tried to rescue ourselves from each other. It was fun and it was worth skipping my weekly post over.
As much as I love updating my posts every week and enjoy looking back on our weeks together as a family- it is so much more important to spend time with my boys and to unplug. I have to remind myself why I choose to blog,because it is for my family- for my family to look back and read and see all the things we have done together, the places we go, the things we see. But will they look back at these posts and remember how they felt in those moments? This is my hope- That even the moments not photographed and are not written about are not only remembered, but cherished. This is my hope.

My Mother's day weekend was nice. Marshall took the boys out Saturday evening and I was able to go to the mall- by MYSELF! and to the grocery store ALONE and even came home and cleaned my house without it being UNcleaned in the process. Marshall let me sleep in an extra hour on Sunday and Ezra and Marshall made me breakfast for dinner. I love Mother's day, and I am so grateful for my mother for her loving example of motherhood.

Now- Today--
The makeup that I applied early this morning is nowhere to be found on my face. Actually, It's there- my carbon black mascara has rubbed off  and now rests under my tired eyes. My hair that I attempted to style is now pinned back with a random pin I found on the bathroom floor and smells like someone else's head. All I want to do is change in to my sweat pants and take off my bra. But my exhaustion is craving a dairy queen blizzard which would be inappropriate to get without a bra. My boys tire me out.

Marshall laid Eli in bed with my at 6:38 am. I thought to myself there is no way I am starting this day off frustrated. Eli hates being laid in bed with us in the morning as we try to get a little more sleep. He fights it. He squirms and stands, steps on our faces and reaches for our eyeballs and cell phones. It is the worst. I jumped out with Eli and got to work. There was laundry to move and dishes to clean and put away. I got Eli some breakfast as Ezra played with his trucks and buses on the floor.
When Marshall was out of the bathroom, I hopped in. I showered and got ready for the day.

After breakfast and clean up, I gave the boys a bath. Ezra insisted on putting toothpaste on his toothbrush on his own and when he put much more than a size of a pea on it, I made him use it all- does this make me a bad mom. I don't like to waste! He was less than thrilled about this.

I had hair appointments for friends this morning and was grateful that they brought Willow (One's daughter) and that the boys were able to play with her while I did their hair. They loved it!

Ezra demanded mac and cheese and hot dogs for lunch. I secretly love when he wants this, because I usually want it to. (I have a gross appetite for kid food sometimes) We had lunch and read books before nap time.

Ezra missed Henry again this week and we hope that he will feel good as new next week to play. We are really missing him.

I laid down-- and as soon as I was able to turn my brain off, I heard Eli talking- and then his talking turned to crying. And my trying to nap turned to trying to pretend to not hear Eli crying.... I caved. I grabbed him and snuggled him on the couch. I tried hard to shut my eyes and hold him close.I hoped that we would nap with me a little longer, but even he knew that was not going to happen.

Before long, I got up- cleaned up the house a bit. Cleaned the salon and did some laundry before Ezra woke up.

We put on backpacks and pretended to be on an adventure. We saw insects and they were in our hair and our bags were packed in case of an emergency. It was fun! Eli loves pretending with Ezra and these two are quite the duo these days. Eli is a lot more assertive toward Ezra. He doesn't allow Ezra to push him around anymore and as much as it saddens me to watch these boys push each other around, I am happy that Ezra will soon learn to respect his brother. (Or else ;)

I made an uninteresting dinner that wasn't as satisfying as I had hoped. In fact, I had to have a piece of bread and butter to feel complete. So disappointing.

We had a quick family home evening and as soon as those boys were in bed and mostly asleep Marshall and I hopped on the couch with our bowls of cookie dough ice cream. (Marshall talked me out of DQ.- ;(

I am hoping for sun shine this week, it doesn't even have to be warm! I just need to see some light!

Have a great week!! May is moving along quickly!