Tuesday, May 20, 2014

My Monday/Tuesday::

I don't know if my life will ever calm down. I don't really know how this all happened. I mean, we got married, had children, and now our lives are ran by synced calendars and nap schedules.
This weekend was awesome, though. On Friday, I went out for Korean with friends from church, and Saturday was busy from the minute we woke up to the minute our heads hit the pillow. Soccer and hair appointments, afternoon birthday party, last minute shopping run, and  a spring social at church/ Karaoke night. I didn't think I would have the guts to get up and do karaoke, but I felt like I needed to represent the women. It was a lot of fun and also humiliating.
Sundays are usually pretty busy with church in the mid morning and we spent the evening outside with friends- by the time we got home the boys were dirty. We put them in the bath tub and straight to bed.
 Marshall and I were in bed by 8:30. It was still light out when I shut my eyes and my body ached from all the sleep I got. I am not complaining. It was magical.
Monday morning happened fast. I had a class that I was registered for (Required to renew my cosmetology license) from 9-1. My mom came over to watch the boys until noon (before she needed to get home to sleep for her night shift at the hospital) and I had a friend take over from noon- 1:30.
I sat in class with 4 other women and giggled throughout, the instructor read a million words wrong on her power point and started mumbling through the long and hard to pronounce words. I even helped her read one of the words she struggled on and wondered if I trusted what I was actually being taught. But it was early, I forgave her. I am actually really glad I went, I did get a lot out of the class.
Afterward, my tummy was gurgling. I was hungry and couldn't remember if I had breakfast before I left. I drove through the McDonald's drive thru and picked something up for my sitter and I- then promptly raced home to meet Henry. Ezra was thrilled to see him. 
They shared bananas, pretended they were monkeys and jumped around on the cushions as usual. We watched the rain and listened to the thunder as it rolled in. Henry taught us that the thunder was just giants and angels bowling... Ezra liked this thought. After Henry was picked up, I put the boys down for their naps. I was surprised when I woke up on my own after over an hour and both of the boys were still asleep. I had a lot to try to accomplish before they both woke up. We had invited our friends (The Clarkins) over for dinner. I started the meat and  marble cakes.While they were both cooking/baking, I was cleaning up the afternoon mess and scrubbing the bathroom. Eli eventually was woken up by the sound of me tearing through the house like a tornado trying to get things clean and prepared before the boys would rip it all apart again.
Eli only wanted to be held when he woke up and wouldn't let me put him down. Eventually Ezra was awake asking where his friend was. We still had an hour before she would be here and I needed to some how keep these boys entertained until then.I blasted music and handed them each a Tupperware and a utensil. We danced and cleaned all together-- until I realized I was running out of time.
Ezra hopped in the window and declared they were here when they pulled in. I wasn't ready. I hadn't even looked in the mirror since before I took my nap and there was no time. I checked my clothes for food and cake mix splatter and figured it would have to do. And hoped that I didn't have a chocolate smile on the sides of my mouth from licking the cake batter off the spoon.
I was so happy to see them. I love when friends come over, but was mad at myself for not having everything quite prepared in time. I wanted to sit and visit longer than we did. There is just not enough time to get through a conversation when you are scolding children to sit down on their bottoms or to stop breathing on all the food. I was exhausted by the time I sat down to eat, I vaguely remember even enjoying our dinner. But I know I did because the company is always great.
Marshall and Ezra prepared our FHE. Ezra wanted to learn about Jesus and His creations. He also picked out our opening song, which I am pretty sure- I had to sing solo. Marshall gave the lesson to Ezra and K and they liked it! It was short and sweet and perfect for their busy minds. Afterwards, we had some marble cake (Which Amanda frosted (perfectly, I might add!:) It was delicious.
I was sad when they had to go. I wish they could have stayed longer- but knew our kids needed to get into bed shortly, as well.
Marshall took charge of the boys and I took charge of the dishes. We were done about the same time.
I even started the laundry and cleaned the salon (organized, scrubbed, sanitized, disinfected) Felt good to get things done! I was wired for the rest of the night.
I couldn't sleep. I tossed and turned and couldn't turn my brain off. I was imagining projects in my head, hairdos, haircuts, etc.  It wasn't until midnight that I felt myself falling asleep and then Eli woke up suddenly and had to be put back down. ugh.
And then, today happened. Another crazy day.--- and my days never calm. I wonder when they will...
Have a great week! The weather looks beautiful!!