Friday, June 27, 2014

Fun Facts Friday

HI! I am back from my mini blogging hiatus- We have been SO busy! But all in good fun!!

Here are a couple fun facts:

- Last Saturday- I had the day off. NO CLIENTS! I don't even remember the last weekend that I didn't have any clients. I thought that I for sure made a mistake in my scheduling and kept my phone near, just in case I owed someone an apology for flaking out. BUT, since we had the day free- we packed up the boys and went to the beach!  Eli is fearless in the water and would run right to it. Ezra sat in the sand most of the time making islands, and volcanoes in the sand. We had SO much fun that Ezra kept asking, "Why are we having so much fun, Dad?" It was really funny. And later on that day, I watched a sweet little girl for a friend and took her with me to Target, and had a bbq with friends later.

-Marshall got really sunburned in the oddest places. ie; the back of his arm (just a square) and the tops of his feet and the swirl on his head (where his hair pattern starts

-I got a speeding ticket this week. The police officer was really nice and actually, I thanked him for pulling me over, because I hate when people drive fast in our neighborhood and I needed to get in trouble. I deserved my ticket.

- Eli is signing up a storm over here. He signs, "Sorry, Please, Thank you and More" all in his own way- but we are now communicating more than ever with him.

- We checked out a little preschool for Ezra to attend. It will only be for one day a week- this way I can continue to home school Ezra and he can also learn with other children his own age. I am SO excited for him. He is so social and loves to learn and this will be a perfect environment for him to continue to learn and this way I can reiterate what he is being taught there plus more at home.

- I am most excited about joining the gym. I have been telling Marshall for years how badly I would like to work out at the gym and finally went for it and Marshall has been so supportive. This week I attended a hot yoga class, a cardio resistance class and this morning, I did a cycling class. I probably won't be able to sit tomorrow or Sunday- but I am so glad I am finally doing this. I just found it impossible to work out at home. I work in our home and my work is never done in the home- as much as I always tried to get on the floor and work out, it was just impossible with the boys surrounding me. I have been waking up at 5 am to work out and it really hasn't been as bad as you'd think. I have more energy throughout the day-- just my body is sore.
 It was also fun to go to the store and buy new workout clothes- because I literally had nothing.

- We celebrated my little sister Kelly's 26th Birthday at a hibachi restaurant. The boys were great dates and I can't believe my little sister is so old. It's so weird.

-Ezra has a favorite shirt- the one with all his favorite super heroes on it. He would wear it every day if I let him.

-Ezra LOVES the vacuum. He takes after his mommy! I am so proud.

- We are overwhelmed with laundry at our house. We hit rock bottom with laundry piling up-- I am talking 5 laundry basket, 5! FULL! I sat down and folded most of it-- but still haven't put them away. I need a day where the boys are gone so I can clean out and refold/organize all the drawers and neatly put the clothes away and that may never happen! I don't know how it got so bad!

-Last Sunday, I gave a talk on gratitude. I was grateful to have been the opportunity to speak on such an inspired topic. I learned a lot in my preparation for it, especially to cherish my role as a mother and how it is unique to me.

- Ezra has proved to be very gentle with little babies that have recently been visiting and he goes back and forth on whether or not he would like another baby.

I am looking forward to this weekend, but looking forward to next week even more! Marshall is going to take some time off of work so we can have a long weekend over the fourth- We are SO excited to be all together! Have a great weekend!