Friday, June 13, 2014

Fun Facts Friday:

I really hesitated to write today, but my gut is telling me to.
This week was hard on me. My children were great. And my husband, too.
But the world and people have had my heart in shambles.
I will say nothing more than I am grateful to hold dear to me the gift of Faith and my heart aches for those that struggle and question their faith in Christ and Heavenly Father. Besides sincere prayer, I wish there was more that I could do.
Yesterday, I took the boys to the zoo by myself. I knew it could be challenging - but I prepped Ezra well and he was great. It was a cool and overcast morning/afternoon, I pushed Eli in our umbrella stroller with a diaper bag filled with snacks on my back. Crowds of children were herded around by their parents/teachers/leaders and I made sure that Ezra stayed within arms reach. There was a moment where the wind came in cold and blew directly in our path.I watched as Ezra worked his way around the children and toward me, reaching out his hand to mine. When his little fingers reached my palm, a surge or energy filled my soul and warmed my hand. This moment was an epiphany to me-- that my children will always be surrounded by different challenges and obstacles in their lives, a cold wind may knock the breath out of them, but I hope and pray that they may always reach for home,their roots or me or their father-- But mostly, their Faith. Their faith in Christ and his power to love,to comfort, to heal, to teach, to listen, to understand. Faith that Christ expects them to return to Him in heaven- in the manner in which they endured to the end and did all they could to live worthy enough to one day again stand in His presence. This thought has brought peace to me today as I watch my children play with friends and know that I am doing the best that I can to raise them in a home of love and a deep rooted faith.

Enough of this heavy stuff, let's do some Fun Facts!
- Eli is 18 months! A year and a half! I can't believe it!Where has the time gone? He is a peanut, only 21 lbs. and communicating the best he knows how and I love him to pieces. He is so sweet.
- Father's day weekend includes, dinner in with our little family tonight, dinner out with my dad and the kiddos tomorrow night as Marshall spends time with his dad, church on Sunday. And lots of hugs and kisses for Marshall, so he knows how much we love him.
- Our flowers always die. No matter how hard we try to keep them alive.
-Ezra LOVES audio books, this week it was magic school bus, human body. He will talk forever about white blood cells.
- Going to the zoo alone with the boys was FUN! But when lunchtime rolled around, it was hard! But we survived. Our food only flew off the table from the wind one time!
- I miss the house I grew up in and daydream about living there again, someday.
- I recently entered a sweepstakes and really want to win. But I never win.
- I am exhausted from all the play dates we had this week, and can't believe Ezra is still going after a week like this one.
- We played with Emmett,Mason,Henry, Easton, Eli,Alex,and Aaron. It was a total boys week and it was awesome.
- I never want to make dinner on Fridays. We ordered in Chinese tonight!
- I wish I was a runner. But I get so bored and don't like the way my butt feels when I run. I need a bra for my butt.
- I never want to be misunderstood, and have felt like I have needed to come back and clarify what I am trying to communicate to people after I have spoken to them. It's hard to hold a normal conversation with someone while watching kids at the same time. It is actually impossible.
- Marshall got a physical this week. First one in YEARS!
- Ezra says, "You know what? I love you..." And we love this.
-I had a young woman from church come and clean out my tupper ware cabinet and linen closet to earn money for camp. I hope she comes back! I will pay her way if she can help me with more stuff in my house!
- Como Zoo fries are my favorite! MY FAVORITE! I have to get them when we go. I can't help myself.
-I suddenly feel like we must own a camper. Doesn't this sound fun!
I wish you all a wonderful and beautiful weekend. Love your fathers and father's of your children. It's their weekend. Enjoy them and thank them for their love.