Monday, June 9, 2014

My (Manic) Monday

Today was CRAZY!! Not bad crazy, Good Crazy, like- BOY CRAZY!

We had three dates with friends today, three. 
Morning, afternoon and evening and they were all great. Ezra was exhausted. and I mean really exhausted.

We started off the day running errands. There aren't many Saturdays where we don't have any plans and this past Saturday was rainy and sweatpantsy and the last thing I wanted to do was to get groceries, so I put my foot down and refused. This just meant that I would have to do them today, with the boys.

It went surprisingly well, it helps that I can stop and get a free cookie for them. I wish they had those stands for with kids...

We came home, unpacked and before we knew it, Emmett arrived! Michelle and I were able to visit and catch up while the boys fought for survival over which toys to play with. But I know they had a good time.

After Emmett left, I put Eli down for his nap (his only one today) and set Ezra up with Bob the Builder to finish his lunch. I looked at the clock and saw that I could get a twenty minute nap in while Ezra watched his show and Eli napped. So I took my chance without hesitation.

I crashed. And then I heard the knock on the door. Henry was here! He ran up to Ezra and said, "Hey Ezra, lets pull the cushions down, Miss Kristy, can we pull the cushions down," and Ezra was already ahead of him chanting him on. "Well, of course. This is what you guys do on Mondays!" We pulled the cushions down and made a fort. The boys pounced and slide and jumped and rolled on those cushions until the sweat rolled down their faces. Then we played with Ezra's train set in his room until they decided to take turns pretending to be Santa Claus while the other one slept as Santa delivered presents, it was a fun game. Ezra wanted to keep playing after Henry left until I asked "santa" to help me make brownies for tonight.

I had mixed up a lasagna for the crock pot while the boys played together so it would be ready just in time for Ezra's third play date for the day.

Our friends are moving to Sacramento this week and we were so happy that they were able to come over tonight for dinner for one last play date and farewell before leaving. Ezra and Mason have somewhat of a love-hate relationship and tonight was no exception. Ezra LOVES Mason and wants to sit and stand and be right next to him. Mason doesn't love this as much as Ezra- enter no naps for either boys and it becomes a very emotional situation. We attempted a family home evening with them but it didn't last long and we had to bribe the boys with Marshmallows to finally get them to smile together for a photo.

We kept our goodbyes short and sweet and hid our tears until after they left. Ezra made sure to tell us many times before bed how much he will miss his friend, Mason. And he insisted on praying for him before bed.

It was a fun day, but we are all exhausted.
We have a couple play dates this week, all with boys! We are excited- but I am already tired!

Eli and I are having a hard time keeping up!

Have a good week!