Monday, June 2, 2014

My Monday and more..

This past Friday was the best.
Last minute, a friend invited us along to Elm Creek swim pond. We had the very best time. I was feeling good. The sun kissed my bare back and the boys were happy and sandy. I really didn't want to leave. Ezra listened well, considering all the excitement and played well with his friends. I was proud of him.
As we were packed up and starting to head out, I struggled to get my stroller out of the sand on onto the pavement. Eli was buckled in and my bag of wet, sandy towels teetered back and forth in the stroller as I worked my way toward the sidewalk. I called toward Ezra to follow me, instead he ran ahead of me and ahead of a little girl's (sweet) Asian grandparents. He crouched down pointing his little finger at them and shook it mightily, saying in his grungiest transformer/toddler voice,
 "I will destroy you!"

The grandmother, who passed by Ezra quickly, shifted her hands that were clasped behind her back and moved them swiftly to her sides as she glared at me under her pink visor as though my son had brought dishonor to our family. I had to put my head down and squeeze my eyes together so she couldn't see that I was trying not to smile. I mean, I was SO embarrassed that Ezra did what he did. But at the same time, he sure knows the people to entertain.

Last week was really a lot of fun for us. I had the boys outside in the swimsuits as much as I could handle. And when it was just too hot, we went to the library and stocked up on as many books they allow- it has been lovely.

Today- I was bound and determine to tell you all about our day. Until I forgot to take photos of almost anything until the end of the evening- which was truly, the best part of the day anyways.

Ezra slept until after 7 and even after he was awake he was saying he wanted to go back to sleep, I wish he was a man of his word.
Eli was up earlier than any of us were ready. I laid in bed with Baby Einstein playing on my phone for him trying to keep him quiet so I could just get a couple minutes more... this didn't last long. 

We eventually all got up and ready for the day. After Marshall left I noticed the time and realized that my mother and sister in law and her two boys would be over soon and our house looked like the weekend threw up all over it. Dishes, toys and laundry were sprawled everywhere. There was food on the floor from breakfast, and dishes lining the counter top and filling the sink. I needed to whip up the place quick before they arrived.  I gave Ezra the dust rag and he grabbed his working goggles and got to polishing our furniture, I vacuumed and Eli did the best he could to pick up toys. I ran downstairs to finish the load of towels and capes that I would need and finished the dishes in a flash. After we were done, I felt like I needed another shower. 
The boys played well together while I did my mother and sister in laws hair. Ezra was sad they had to go and even more let down when I had to tell him that Henry wasn't coming today. "But who's going to play with me, mom?" he said, "ME!"--- I proclaimed.  "But I don't want to play with you..."- He responded. And that was that. 

We had some lunch and then I thought I would get our dinner in the crock pot. I noticed quickly we were out of something that was needed for it and packed the boys up to go get it. I didn't bother with a cart, Ezra held my purse as I carried Eli. I grabbed our box of dry onion soup mix and checked myself out. Success! We headed back home. Once we were unloaded and I started again, I realized I was missing ANOTHER ingredient- the most important piece! Which I knew I picked up when I did the shopping last. I searched EVERYWHERE. Even under beds. It made me crazy and instead had to make something on the fly. 
We played a little while longer and then attempted nap time. Ezra went down surprisingly well and Eli talked and sang until he started yelling and crying. He didn't nap- nor did I. 
Instead, we cleaned up the morning/ afternoon messes together until Ezra woke up. 

I allowed the boys the watch a show together while I did a friend's hair quickly before dinner. 
Afterward, I set them up for dinner and we ate while we talked to Marshall via speaker phone until he walked in the door. I had the boys (mostly) fed before our plans out for the evening.

I watched the trees swaying from side to side all day and heard the little helicopter seeds hitting our windows and roof and knew that tonight would be a perfect evening to fly a kite. It was! The weather was perfect and the wind was just what we needed to get the kite in the air. The boys loved it and I enjoyed watching them chase the wind.

We had the most fun together and I am so happy that I had remembered to bring my camera!

We have a pretty busy week ahead of us and I am beyond grateful for the beautiful days that we have had and hope to have. Have a great week and HAPPY Monday, Ya'll!