Tuesday, June 17, 2014

My Tuesday and bits of Monday.

Yesterday was out of the normal routine for us. A friend of ours passed away suddenly last week. We were able to attend the funeral in the morning, which was a beautiful tribute to him and his life. Afterwards, we went to my parent's house for lunch. The boys wanted to see rocky and koby, their pets. We didn't get to hangout for long before Marshall called to tell me that the energy company was heading to our house to check out our old oven for carbon monoxide.

I packed the boys and headed home quickly and they beat me there. I allowed them in to do their job and wasn't completely surprised when they told us to absolutely NOT use the oven and marked it with an official red tag. The oven gives off deadly amounts of carbon monoxide and if we were to ever use it while the house is closed up, it would probably knock us out. SCARY!
To give you an idea, they say they like to see numbers from 200-400 ppm on their little Carbon monoxide readers, they turned my oven on for just a minute and it went up to 2000!! They immediately said "turn it off!"  Before leaving they told me to not use the oven, probably get a new stove top and to have the air conditioning on to move the air around on our home. I loved these guys, basically what I heard was, you get a new kitchen, you don't have to make dinner and enjoy your nice cool home. These guys can come back anytime.
After these guys left, the boys were passed their napping time slot and were amped until Marshall got home. We had some measly left overs and a quick family home evening before cashing in for the night. We were beat.

We had a big Tuesday planned.

Today was the best. We didn't get to see Henry yesterday since he was out of town, so we met up with him for toddler Tuesday at the Mall of America. Ezra and even Eli enjoyed the rides and of course, the company.
The boys were asleep before we were out of the parking ramp and even stayed asleep after transferring them to their beds. Which meant I got a nap too!

None of us were happy when we woke up either. I threw dinner together quickly before Marshall got home.

The boys played while I had a client tonight. And we took turns ushering them back to sleep until 9:30 tonight.

I'm exhausted. And this week is a busy one for us. I'm already looking forward to the weekend!

Have a good week!