Friday, July 18, 2014

Fun Facts Friday:Tardy is my style these days.

My last few friday nights have consisted of redbox movies and piles of laundry. But I just folded and put away 2 loads before bedtime! Marshall is outside cutting up scrap lumber to toss in the dumpster and my goal all day was to write my blog post since I missed last week. My days are getting away from me. Last week, I was so busy with hair and other things that my mom-guilt took over everything. I spent time with my family as much as I could, thus-- my blog posts were put off.

This week went as fast as I knew it would. These summer days can be long but the weeks are short.

Here are some fun facts and a few photos from a trip we took to the nature center with Henry last week, today at our friends little beach and also from Michael's (Ezra and Eli's cousin) 5th birthday party.

-We currently do not have a doorknob on our bathroom door. It's currently a peep hole for the peepers in the house,

- My sister in law and friend, Emily will be in town next week! We are all super excited!

-I attended and planned a Jazzercise activity for the women at my church this week. It was SO FUN! And not at all what I was expecting.

-I worked out Monday, Tuesday,Thursday, Friday this week! Feeling great!

- Thought I was pregnant. Not Pregnant.

- Made a to do list this week and have been successful in checking things off.

-Vampire Diaries station on Pandora is my summertime soundtrack.

- Ezra's closet doors are off the track and are broken. THIS is the most annoying thing ever when trying to put his laundry away.

-Washed the dining room drapes and shrunk them, Our window looks so embarrassed.

- The dumpster we ordered was WAY smaller than we imagined. It will be topped off with junk before tomorrow night.

- I always feel ridiculous hauling the boys and all their stuff to the beach, I am sure I look like I am going on a week long trip.

- I hate bug spray but found one that works well, feels good and smells good!

-I also found a new deodorant that is the BEST that I have ever tried!

- Every morning this week, I found an earwig in my bathroom. I killed every single one. (Unless it is the same one that just won't die.)

-I am missing my tv shows. I shouldn't, but I really do.

I am looking forward to getting some things cleared out of our house this weekend! Operation get rid of JUNK!! YAHOO!!

Have a great weekend!

And- Thank you for keeping up with our lives.