Monday, July 14, 2014

My Monday (was a doozie...)

Today wasn't one of my best days as a mom or just as a person.
I was grumpy and down right impatient.

 Instead of reliving it,
 here are some photos from our super fun weekend.

We had a blast at my cousin's wedding.
They were married on a boat!
We were so happy to be able to celebrate their day with them. (Sans kids, even!)

(These were taken on our way to church on Sunday- my boys were looking sharp!)

I was so glad that my sister was there with her boyfriend, it made the night even better!

Marshall and I heard a couple things during the ceremony that reminded both of us of how much work it is to be married and how important it is to do the little things every day to show the other that you love them.
.I am so grateful to be married to someone who loves me, no matter how grumpy or impatient I am.

My dad, who never wears a tie-- wore a tie.

My grandpa. (My dad's dad)

My Uncle Dan, who resembles Bret Favre. He has the very best stories.

My Great Grandma! She is in her 90's, people! We call her "mini gramma" because she is between 4 and 5 ft tall. And she is SO SWEET.

My Dad's family.

The beautiful couple with bride's mother.

This cupcake was amazing!

I am looking forward to tomorrow and always grateful that we get another day, another chance to make things a little better. I need all the tomorrows that I can get!

Here's to a happy week!