Monday, July 28, 2014

My Monday:

My alarm went off with a vengeance. I was not prepared for the energy that my alarm was forcing upon me at 5 am this morning. And I questioned, why on earth do I choose to wake up before the world and put on stretchy clothes to work out, especially when laying down in my comfortable bed allows me to not have to move anything. I am driven, people. driven. 

I succumbed to the alarm. I made it to the gym, a little later than usual, but I got there. I worked out- I felt great and I came home to a house full of energetic little boys needing breakfast.

Marshall was half in and half out of the bathroom. He was trying to shave and referee the boys at the same time. (Story of my life, really) 
I took over. I attempted to feed them, but Eli was signing "all done" before he finished. He had his working hat on cockeyed and preferred to play than eat. I only force them to eat for so long, then I give up. 

Marshall left for work and we were all sad. We had such a great weekend ( More on that later!) and we really didn't want it to end. He pulled out of the driveway blowing kissing and the boys mirrored him and waved wildly back. If you are looking from the outside, we are a fun sight to see.

 When Marshall rolls out for the day- I try my best to finish getting myself ready for the morning, then I get the boys dressed, then we do morning chores. We finish breakfast, clean up our mess, pick up the millions of books scattered on the floor. We pick up toys from the weekend, we pick up clothes on the floors of the bathroom and the bedrooms. We even will vacuum the crumbs leftover from the days before. This has become our regular morning routine. I always need a nap afterward and today was no different.
I worked in the salon this morning and my mom was able to help me with the boys. Eli was already down for a nap when she arrived so she read to Ezra every single book we checked out from the library and moved on to star wars. He laid on her lap as she read and I couldn't believe my eyes when I stepped out of the salon when I was finished. It was not even 11:15 and Ezra was ASLEEP!

I mean, breathing hard and not moving- Asleep! My mother is a child whisperer. I swear.
I told Ezra that he needed to use his brain today- which meant, no shows. I think he wore his little brain out from all the books! I am so happy he napped, he was a lot more pleasant throughout the day because of it.

Eli got in a few books before she left us for the day, too.

After Ezra woke up, I quickly fed them lunch and packed them up for a quick run to the beauty supply. We made it back just in time for Henry.

The boys played like boys in the backyard today. They fetched the balls under our deck, tried catching teeny tiny toads, chased and raced until they were ready to come inside to play with Ezra's action figures. They had fun today! 

Ezra looks so old in this photo- it is killing me.
He insisted on high fives whenever he would score a "goal"


Henry's face is priceless. And Eli followed the big dogs around all afternoon. I am surprised how well he keeps up.

After Henry left, I put Eli down for a much needed nap. Set Ezra up with his legos for quiet time and took a nap myself.

I was up before 4 and put a show on for Ezra. He earned it. He played SO well in his room while we napped and also used his brain A LOT today! I was able to do a quick haircut while Eli continued to nap and Ezra contently watched his show.

By the time I was done, Eli was awake and dinner needed to be started. I didn't want to do dinner tonight. The boys had leftovers and I whipped up something quick for Marshall and I.
We ate quickly before heading to Home Depot. We were there much longer than we needed to be.
I am talking probably 2 hours.
The boys were losing it by the time we left but I am so glad that we finally ordered a new front door.
I am hoping it will be installed soon!
It will look fantastic!

Today was a busy day! And I can't wait to catch you up to speed with what else we have been up to!

Have a great week!