Friday, August 1, 2014

Fun Facts Friday

Something happened the other night.
Marshall and Ezra were outside working and Eli and I had a moment. Music played in the background as I hurried around straightening up the house. I wiped the crumbs off table and the counters while shaking my rear to the rhythm. Eli followed my every step. He offered help where he could while spinning simultaneously to the trash can to throw trash away for me.
I had dishes to do and pans to soak but Eli stood at my feet with his arms up in the air waving for me to pick him up. I reached down and pulled him to me. As I did this, he leaned his head back giggling. I turned slowly as he stared at the light on the ceiling. Our world spun around us and we both couldn't stop giggling. His smile stretched as far as his face could reach and he reeked of a joy that wasn't surprisingly contagious. Nothing else on earth mattered in the few moments we were spinning and dancing in our little kitchen. This moment reminded me to slow down from the hustle of our lives, pick up my children and enjoy them. To genuinely enjoy their joys and their first moments. To spin and be spun and allow the world to spin around you without notice or even worry. It was a beautiful few seconds that I pray you will experience in your life, either alone or with those you love.

Here are a couple Fun Facts:

- Ezra asks to hold Eli, but Eli is way too big to be held by Ezra

-Met friends at the splash pad this week, the boys loved it as always.

- Took and booked way too many hair appointments this week- I am exhausted. . 

-I am scared to death that I will need to throw up at the gym and not make it to either a trash can or toilet soon enough and embarrass myself terribly. 

- I want to put my fitbit on Ezra to see how much he really moves and doesn't sleep. If I knew he wouldn't lose it, I totally would.

- Ezra told me this week that I smelt like an animal. I was offended only a little and knew he could have said something far worse.

-Ezra also said that when he gets older he will get a dog and name him "Damage" This is the best name I have ever heard.

-I am taking a 13 year old school shopping today and I am nervous as all get out.

- Ezra's buzz cut makes him look so old! 

-Eli is trying to say more and more things, every day. 

-Eli can be found trying to climb over the chairs onto bookcases or credenzas or quietly walking across our dining table. He is so quiet and mischievous.

- July went way too fast. But I am so excited for August.

- My laundry has gotten the best of me again this week.

- My zest for the gym has been lost a bit. I am tired.... but still going! I went 4 days this week! ((Enter fistpump here))

-Marshall and I are meeting friends to play mini golf tonight. I am looking forward to getting out!

Our weekend is pretty low key and I hope the weather is nice!
Have a good one!