Monday, August 4, 2014

My Monday::

Oh! Mondays! They are hard! I woke up at my (once) respected 5 am time to go to the gym.
My body was creaky and sore and I hadn't even started yet. But I knew I would be happy that I went.

I had a terrible dream that had me up in the night and even had me on guard when I left the house and got into the car--- and on to the gym and into the gym. I was more aware of my surroundings and people watched more than I normally do. I am sure they were more scared of my beady eyes staring them down than I was of them.

When I got home, Marshall quickly finished getting ready to head out for work and I got the boys breakfast. None of us were ready for Marshall to leave this morning.
I looked around at the laundry baskets full to the brim and knew today would be the day I would tackle it. I didn't have any clients and I had the whole day to get thing done.

My mom stopped by after work though and I cut and colored her hair--- then we visited until lunch time. She left, we did lunch- then we played in the backyard until the boys were tired and sweaty from riding bikes and digging dirt.

(We no longer get to watch Henry on Mondays and we were REALLY missing him! Thank Heavens for play dates!)

Afterwards, the boys had a snack and I read story, after story, after story... I read until I couldn't bare to look at another book again.
It was nap time. I laid Eli down, and put Ezra in his room. I told him he should play in his room quietly until Eli wakes up. Ezra lasted for maybe 10 minutes. And then he literally stomped up and down the hall for an hour. I didn't nap. At least, I don't feel like I did. I was just more grumpy.

The stomping eventually woke up Eli and we read more and more stories.
I encouraged the boys to wrestle and play together and they DID! Ezra was playing NICE! It wasn't easy for him and took a lot of self control not to clothesline his brother but they were both laughing and giggling.

I didn't get to the laundry and I barely got dinner made.
I told Marshall that all I did today was read books and taught Ezra to play nicely with Eli and Marshall said if that was all I did that was more than enough. It was good to hear that.
I get so down on myself for not getting to things that I have every intention to get to, but Marshall is right, reading to my kids and teaching them to play together is a huge feat!

So grateful for a husband who is supportive and encouraging.

I am exhausted from the day and still feel like we are recovering from the weekend.
Eli happened to pick up a cold over the weekend, Marshall thinks he has a stomach bug and I feel a sore throat coming on- I am praying we can all plow through it before the end of the week!

We have a fun weekend ahead!

Have a great weekend!