Monday, August 25, 2014

My Monday::

I surprised myself with how ready I was to wake up and get moving at the gym. I knew I had a busy day ahead and figured I should start it off right.
After an hour at the gym, I arrived home to be greeted by two snot nosed boys. Both of which are still getting over nasty colds. I thought that Ezra had gotten through it, but it came right back. Eli is coming on week 4 of his cold. Poor guy.

I jumped in the shower and got ready before Marshall. I needed to get to the grocery store before my morning appointment. I dressed the boys and got them ready to go. I asked Ezra if he wanted to wear his fire fighter hat to the store so he can drive the firetruck cart. (Which he loves) He loved my idea, in fact, he even let Eli sit IN the cart with him. These boys were also lucky enough to have a cookie on their drive. They made my shopping trip so pleasant. (This rarely happens!)

I got home in time to unload all the groceries and put Eli down for his nap. Ezra and I were able to work together to get some chores done around the house. He helped dust (polish) the furniture and I vacuumed. We make a pretty good team. 

After my morning appointment, I fed the boys and we set up the water table. I thought it was a lot warmer outside than it actually was! Those poor boys were shivering! But I could tell they were so happy to be outside after all the wet days we have had.

Ezra kept doing the "ice bucket challenge" to himself and to his brother. He was even nominating people! The water table eventually turned into a mud table and play time turned into bath time/nap time.
The boys were so ready for naps.
I asked Ezra if he wanted to lay down with me and without hesitation, he said, "Ok, mom."

He was out like a light.

I was out like a light.

When I woke up to my phone going off, I silenced it and rolled out of bed. The boys were still out and knew I could start dinner without interruption and took advantage of it. 
Halfway through my food prep, I realized it was getting close to dinner time. I opened the boys door and started to make more noise and bang the pots and pans around. Nothing.
I called them from the kitchen in my sweetest mom voice. 
I walked down the hall and infront of their beds and while putting my hands on their backs shook their little bodies and sang their names.... just groans and heavy mouth breathing. I imagined myself in 10 years doing this same thing. 

I hated to wake them. but did anyways.

They awoke but they weren't pleased. It took Eli a long while before he forgave me. Ezra was actually incredibly pleasant. I love when he naps.

I promised the boys that after dinner we would take a walk to the ice cream store.
When Marshall got home, I packed up some of our dinner and brought it over to a friends. 
Before I left, Ezra had asked Marshall for a blessing so he and Eli could get better from their colds.
I asked our Bishop and friend to come over and help Marshall with the blessings and it was such a sweet moment for our boys. I was so proud of Ezra that he knew to ask and to have faith in Heavenly Father to bless him to get better. We counted this as our family home evening. 

We took our walk/run to dairy queen. Ezra wanted me to run (for some reason) so I did of course (And I didn't get tired or winded. It felt GOOD!) Ezra ran behind me. I turned around when I reached the top of the hill and he pumped his little arms at his sides and his eyes were squinted but his smile stretched across his little face. I died in that moment. He looked so free and so alive. He jumped in my arms when he reached me and I fell in love with him a million times.

Of course, Ezra wanted me to run with him back (with ice cream in my bellly) I did. Cause I figured-- I had ice cream in my belly. 

Once we were home- neither of us felt like getting the boys ready for bed. So we lounged..... 

As I sat on our yellow chair with Eli in my lap. I watched Ezra walk past me and into the kitchen with his police hat on and his police badge clipped to the collar of his striped shirt and I literally lost my breath, I had to cover my mouth. My eyes swelled with tears and my heart was warm and heavy it felt like it was going to explode our of my chest and it was filled with the most overwhelming feeling of joy and love for my children. 

I am so grateful for my children. Not everyday is easy or even enjoyable as a mother. But, I made a special effort to keep my conversation with my Heavenly Father rolling today. I was in constant communication with the only line that could help me keep it together today and I am so glad that I did. I was able to feel a love for my children that I know exists, but sometimes forget that it does. I am glad that my Heavenly Father was able to share with me the love that he feels for His children.

Have a beautiful week.