Monday, August 11, 2014

My weekend with the boys (In Photos)

My weekend with the boys was a lot more interesting than my Monday, although- today was cool, too.

Here are a couple things we did:

-We packed up and traveled to Duluth.We told Ezra were driving north and Ezra asked if we were driving to the North Pole, where Santa Claus and Paul Bunyon lives. His little brain packs in so much useful information;)
-The boys napped some of the way
-We stopped for lunch and were too hungry to picnic in the park and ate in the car.
-After getting all checked in and waited to board, the boys played in the sand, played in the bubbles and jumped in the bounce house and play pits.
-We saw and rode Thomas the Train! Watching the boys eyes twitch back and forth out the window and whatever caught their glance was the best part for me. I loved how the wind hit their cheeks as their chubby hands clung to the window pane and their lives were completely awesome for that 20 minutes.
-Sir Topham hat wasn't there when we were ready to see him, Ezra said he was "taking a nap"- but he insisted that he wouldn't be scared to see him like he was last year. (We didn't get to see him.)
-There was a train that looked like the Polar Express train. This was a big deal for Ezra.
-We got ice cream and walked along lake superior. (Ezra insisted on getting a straw to drink it...)
-Marshall and Ezra climbed down the big rocks and back up again. This was Ezra's favorite thing the whole trip. (Not Thomas!)
-We panicked when the outhouses were padlocked and Ezra told us he had to poop. What a nightmare.
-Found a nice bathroom-- just in time. Whew!
- Walked by a groom who was about to marry his bride and his future with her flashed before my eyes as we paraded by with backpacks, stroller, water bottles, pockets full of souvenir rocks and snot noses. I wished him luck in my head. But, truly- there is nothing better.
-At last minute we asked a stranger to take a family photo of us and miraculously we are all looking and kind of smiling! In ONE shot. This NEVER happens!
-We realized the time and knew we needed to head back, even though we weren't nearly ready or had seen enough. I didn't want to go. In fact, I was wishing we packed over night bags so we could stay just one more day.
-We stopped at Tobies for dinner on the way home to keep the boys from falling asleep in the car.
-We were exhausted when we made it home and we all went straight to sleep.

We had so much fun being together and I can't wait to do another day trip like this again in the future. 
We are learning as we go on these trips what works and what doesn't. But I am sure they are never easy but totally worth it in the end.

We are now looking forward to the State Fair before our summer comes to an end.
Where has our summer gone!?