Friday, September 26, 2014

Fun Facts Friday:

I made a commitment to myself this week that I would do a Friday post and I am a woman of my word. I am here to deliver, people.

This week was filled with the usual tiny voices, pretend stories, library books, school time, messes and tears- but we all survived. We always do...

Here are some fun facts:

Here is a photo of our front door before.

And here is our after (sorta-- it's not done yet)! ( Disregard the tape on the handle- it's no longer there- and I still haven't completely finished it, but you get the idea.)
I am in love with it. It was the perfect update for our home. Inside and out.

-This is the ONLY photo that I took all week with a real camera. Ezra playing quietly, on his own in the sunshine. I am glad I captured this moment, because this doesn't happen very often. 

-Eli is, hands down, the MESSIEST eater on the face of the earth. He knows it and thinks it's no big deal. I dread the clean up, but have it down to a science. He just goes without clothes for the rest of the night.

-This was the second week in a row where we brought Marshall lunch at work and ate in his parking lot. Classy, I know. But we love getting to see him during the day. Eli couldn't finish all of his lunch and brought his chicken home for a snack later.

-The boys imaginations are unreal. It takes nothing for Ezra to come up with a place and a person that he will suddenly become. It wasn't even 7 am and both of the boys were cowboys, fighting bad guys.

-Or firefighters and space men in a rocket ship...

- The laundry still is my worst enemy. And my dishes are close behind... I have successful left dishes in the sink from the night before up until 4 pm on a daily basis.... BUT the last two nights made a goal to go to bed with an empty sink. It has made a significant difference in my morning mood. I need to get it together. (or a dishwasher...)

- The Gym is my happy place. In the winter, I plan on adding the boys to my membership so we can stay a little longer and they can run wild in the kids gym.

-Last weekend we started work in the basement!!! Marshall is feeling ambitious about projects and feels more confident than his usual cautious self at tackling them. I am proud of him and I am getting so excited that we may soon have a basement to use.

-Marshall and I both have mini colds. I am not sure where we picked them up, and I am praying the boys don't catch it.

-We are so excited to go to the corn maze this Saturday with some friends, I have never been and we definitely didn't want to miss out this year. I still can't believe that September is already OVER!

- Ezra cannot be trusted in the bathroom with the door shut. EVER. I have come in after him, with the water still running, toilet paper strewn throughout-- wet... towels in the sink .... wet... and puddles on the floor. I try not to lose it on him, because I try to imagine what he was playing or imagining who he was but I can't seem to help but gasp loudly and yell his whole name with clenched fists and bulging veins in my neck.

-We made a listening chart for Ezra this week. Anytime either of us said, "You are a good listener, Ezra"  he would get a smiley face on his chart. When he reached 10- he would get his toy back (that was taken away for not listening-- this week, we had to take his train set and his box of legos- his absolute favorites) If he reaches 20- he gets ice cream. I really want him to reach 20. I can tell how incredibly challenging it is for him to listen, I can see in his face that he honestly, cannot help himself in certain situations. But we are working on it and it IS working with this chart.

-  We are trying to help Eli be more gentle and to throw his toys LESS. I never dealt with this with Ezra, but I think that Eli has had to learn how to fight back with Ezra and being rough and throwing things has been his best defense, OH! and Biting. that way he really won't be messed with. He is just a little too young to truly enforce but we have done time outs and been successful with apologies and hugs. He is learning --- we are ALL learning.

-I don't know what or how I am doing as a wife, and a mother, as a daughter or as a friend. I don't have a clue. Everyday, I pray to KNOW what and how and why I should do and be certain ways and have been truly blessed. It is hard to be human- but it is a lot lighter burden when you can pray to your father in heaven, who knows you better than you will ever know yourself. I am always grateful that line of communication that is always open.

-I know NOTHING about plants. NOTHING. I will kill anything that we get. I want to know, but it's like my brain can't handle it. I bought a pretty vase and added a plant and I am so scared it will die. I look at it daily and check its soil to see if it's dry but if I am going to have to pull leaves off it (which I think I will) I may give up on it. I need to have more faith in myself and in the plant.

-School time was great this week. We learned about Cranes, Camels, Cats (cougars) and Caterpillars.
We introduced the 2nd article of faith, and Eli will tell you what a C sounds like. 

- I posted a photo of Eli on the Today Show facebook page. They were looking for kids with glasses for an upcoming story. I had to, because you all know, I think Eli is the cutest with his little glasses.

I am looking forward to the weekend. I get to see some friends that I haven't seen in a while and get to play outside with the boys, while also attending a womens conference at my church. A great weekend ahead!