Monday, September 8, 2014

My Monday!!! First day of home school preschool edition::

Today could not have gone any better. Really. If every morning could go just like today, it would be a dream (Heaven knows that is not realistic- I am so grateful it went as well as it did.)

I slept through my 5 am alarm. Marshall heard it and knew I must have needed my sleep and let me sleep through it. What a man. I woke up so confused and can't remember the last time I slept through my alarm. I NEVER do that! 

I rolled out of bed around 7 am and could hear Marshall and Ezra bonding in the bathroom. Both were chatting up a storm. I love their morning conversations, but not quite as much as Ezra loves them. He LIVES for them. The minute Marshall's feet hit the floor in the morning, Ezra is immediately up and out of his bed ready for the day.

I pulled Eli out of his crib and snuggled him close before setting him up for breakfast. 
I gently reminded Ezra that preschool would start at 8:30 and that we needed to have eaten our breakfast, cleaned up the kitchen, made our beds and picked up our toys before we began. He just said, "Ok, mom"

When the clock read 8:06-- I reminded him that we still needed to get dressed, make beds, clean up. He moved along side me as I straightened his bed. He helped fold his blankets and told me how much he loved them along with my baby blanket that I let him use. He loves that one, too, he said.

I had set the timer to go off at 8:30- when it did, the boys jumped around in excitement. I turned on some music for the boys and let them run around to get their wiggles out before we started. THEY DID! Ezra had new dance moves that I have never seen before and Eli did his signature move- run in circles and fall down-move. Ezra kept saying, "I am a great dancer" I just agreed. I wasn't about to tell him otherwise. His moves were definitely his own. He owned them!


Once our wiggles were out, I grabbed our preschool board. I worked late in the night Saturday putting this together and I am sure it will change a million times before the end of the year making it fit for Ezra's needs. But right now, it works! And Ezra loves it. He was SO excited that I had made it just for him.

Eli didn't miss a beat. He sat right next to Ezra all morning and tried repeating what we were going over. It was totally unexpected and I loved it! I am killing two birds with one stone at the moment. Eli will be ahead of the game if he continues on like this.

We started off with a song (Ezra chose Jesus wants me for a sunbeam) and Ezra gave an opening prayer. It was perfectly simple. 

I read off the scripture of the day which today was, Colossians 3:20 (Children obey your parents...)
We talked about that for a minute, (I didn't push anything, especially today. I didn't want to to lose them.) 

Then, we talked about what day of the week it was. We looked out the window and predicted the weather and changed our sign to "Cloudy" 

Then, we memorized (I had no idea Ezra ALREADY had this memorized- he surprised me at dinner and I wanted to cry!) The first article of faith (In the Latter day saint faith, we have 13 statements that outline the basic teachings and ordinances of our faith.) Just as I think it is important for anyone to know and understand their faith, I think it important for my children to know and understand their faith. I am happy to help them learn these important teachings.

The first article of faith is, "We believe in God, the Eternal Father and in His son, Jesus Christ and in the Holy Ghost"

After that, we talked briefly about the letter of the week. A, of course. and what it sounds like. Eli was happy to share with us his rendition of "A" and the sound it makes. He is right on track :) We practiced writing A's.... Once again... didn't push it. We will try again next time.

Then, the most fun part of today, we learned about ANTS! Ezra loves to learn about bugs and animals and every week we will focus on an animal or insect that begins with the letter of the week.

Today, we learned that ants never sleep, they have two stomachs, one for themselves and another to share food with others, the worker ants are female and that Queen Ants job is to lay eggs. We watched a couple quick clips on ants and Ezra was completely enthralled. I couldn't believe how well he was taking it all in. I encouraged every bit of it.

We spent about 45 minutes sitting together and for the rest of the day we spent exploring, discussing and remembering all that we learned. It was such a success. Before we ended, Ezra said the nicest prayer of gratitude for his "Teacher" and ants.

I put Eli down for a nap afterwards, and straightened up the house a little while Ezra relaxed on the couch.

We ran a quick errand after lunch and had some friends over before naps. The boys played in the dirt and Ezra even filled one of his buddy's shoes up with worms. I do not love worms. They actually really gross me out, so I was not happy that he did this and made him apologize immediately. 
Classic boy move.

After our friends left, we all napped. 
I woke up with Eli, and started dinner. I made beef and broccoli from scratch and it was good! I was so proud of how it turned out! 

Then, the boys and I went outside for Smores while we had a quick Family Home Evening. 
We are taking advantage of our nice nights out before it gets too dark and too cold to enjoy!

I truly believe the Lord blessed me with such a wonderful day and cooperative children to remind me that I am capable of  teaching my children at home. My desire to do this reaches far, but of course I doubt myself often. If today wouldn't have gone as well as it did, I would immediately second guess myself and my desires. Thank you to all my friends and family for supporting me in this adventure. I have no idea what I am doing, but feel like what I am doing is right and that keeps me going. I am sure there will be many days that may fail and many days that will soar- but it will be the good days and the good support that will keep my head high. 

Here is to our first preschool at home day!! A great start to a great year! (Let's hope!)

Have a great week!