Monday, September 22, 2014

My Monday::

This day ran like a machine. I mean, it's own, sometimes working, sometimes sputtering for more fuel, kinda machine. And, frankly, it was kinda awesome. I mean, I am still awake and skipped a nap today. AND I didn't completely lose my cool today. (okay. I definitely had my moments.)

I was up at the usual early gym time and as I was ready to leave, Ezra jumped out and scolded me for getting out of singing him a song last night. It was true, I knew he was so tired that he would be asleep before I pulled my lazy self out of the couch to sing to him and thought I was in the clear. So, I sang to him his most favorite song. Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer. (We are coming up on 10 months-- every night for 10 month, people.)

Eli greeted me at the door when I made it back home and Marshall reported immediately that Eli had been up since 5:30. Poor Marshall. Ezra was up, too. I am not sure if he ever fell back asleep after I left. I don't understand why they want to be awake.

Marshall and I both hurried to get ready for the day while we both took turns referring the boys.
School time was at 8:30 and our new front door was going to be installed sometime between 8 and 10.

It was a sad morning while Marshall left. Ezra and Eli poked their round, brown eyes out the bottom little window of our front door for the last time. We used this window as a marker to measure the boys height and also as a way to get one last goodbye before leaving them.

School time went great, we (re)introduced the letter C! And talked about cranes (the mighty machines) and will save animals that start with C for the remainder of the week. Eli LOVES school time. I think almost more than Ezra and he is following along quite well.

 Our new front door was installed and looks AMAZING. I think it is fair to say, I am obsessed with it. I will give a little sneak peak of what it looks like from the inside (pay no attention to my clutter), but what it looks like on the outside will be a surprise treat for everyone (including me) on Friday.

I ran to Home Depot the minute we could this afternoon and picked up paint and other goodies. The minute we got home, I let the boys run wild in the yard and put Eli down for a nap shortly after and got to work. I asked Ezra if he could sit nicely next to me as I painted and he agreed. But, that lasted a mere 5 minutes before I was losing my mind. He wanted to help me paint, he kept trying to stick things in my paint can to "mix it" for me and I thought for sure he would fall right into my tray. I ended up letting him watch a show while I slapped on the first coat. I did my best to get what I could done before Eli woke up.

Once Eli was awake, I FORCED the boys to play outside while I watched them from the window and made dinner. As soon as Marshall got home, I went outside to put on the second coat. It looks great. I have been squealing with delight all day. (I am not kidding.)

Marshall made a fire and roasted Marshmallows and we counted that as our family home evening.

Ezra wouldn't go down until I sang to him tonight, but I refused to sing him Rudolph, and he was surprisingly cool about it, now I am wishing I refused a long time ago! It was unfortunately rough day for Ezra. We hugged a lot, today. I kept apologizing for ruining his life having to remind him to listen every 3 minutes, but his mind was busier than normal, and to be honest, so was mind. We are so alike sometimes that I think the roof of our house is going to pop off one of these days! I was happy to give him hugs when he asked, because I needed them today, too.

Whew! Once the boys were down, it hit me.I am exhausted and can literally hear my bed whispering my name.

We have a fairly busy week ahead and love the forecast! Fall is my MOST favorite season and I plan on spending as much time as we can outside enjoying the crisp air.

Have a great week!