Monday, September 29, 2014

My MondayJust Kidding: My Saturday:

What's better than hearing about my Monday?
Hearing about my Saturday!

Our Monday was no big thing, but Saturday was AWESOME!

We were all up and ready to head out to the Corn maze. We made it out the door and half way there before we realized that we forgot our tickets at home- ugh! We whipped that minivan around and headed back home to retrieve them only to pump the boys up to head out again.

We were so excited to meet up with our friends, and the weather was great! Almost too hot for me, but the boys were basking in it!

We picked up our tickets right away and let the boys play in as many fun things as they could handle. Ezra hopped on the pony ride but quickly asked to get off and we got our money back. I had a bad feeling about him up there, it was a long way down and I just imagined him letting go, slipping off and being trampled by the pony. I quickly pulled him over the fenced and thanked the stars that he felt the same way. His little bottom just didn't fit the saddle how it was supposed to, and that is okay with me.

The Corn pit was so fun! I jumped in and was surprised at how deep it actually was, and how COLD it was. Such a fun thing! The boys loved it too. I am so glad we made it out without any kernels up the nose or in the ears. (We happened to watch a little boy just before suck a kernel up his nose and it totally freaked me out) ((I am not a nervous wreck of a mom or anything. lol-- yea right!?))

The hay ride was fun- especially for Ezra. He sat directly behind the tractor and watched how the mighty machine moved. He was completely enthralled. I love watching him discover more about the things he loves.

We all barely made it through the actual corn maze without dying of heat and exhaustion. Poor Eli had walked all day by himself (and help from his lion leash) without a stroller and was so tired before we left, that he was collapsing on the dirty ground. It was cute and sad at the same time. The boys were exhuasted. Eli passed out minutes into the drive home and Marshall and I napped while Ezra played quietly. (I couldn't believe how amped he was when we got home!-So much excitement, I guess)

It was a great day! I am so glad that I was able to put aside a Saturday to spend outside with my family before the weather gets cool.

A great week to look forward to, again and an even better weekend. It's General Conference weekend! Every six months I look forward to hearing from inspired church leaders.