Sunday, September 7, 2014

Our visit to the State Fair

We literally counted down the days to the fair. We were so excited to go and had a great time, its a wonder how I let time get away from me in sharing all about it. My favorite thing about documenting our lives is seeing our family grow year by year. We go to the same places every year, but our family is changing- it's so wonderful to me!

We parked our car and took the shuttle bus into the fair. It was fun to watch the excitement on the boys faces as we rode there. Eli thinks anything with wheels is a bus, so this was a fantastic treat for him. Ezra loved being to high up and seeing all the things below.

The boys don't look excited here, but believe me, they were! It was more like,
"Hurry up! Let's get in!"

Upon entering, we scanned the grounds and the people to see what it was we wanted to eat first. Marshall immediately caught the scent of cinnamon rolls and had one, while I made my way over to the breakfast sausage pronto pups. Delicious and really are my favorite!

We were able to meet up with Grandma and Grandpa Abrahamson to spend the day at the fair with us and we were so glad!
We made our way to the animals, the cows, sheep and pigs and saved the horses for later.

Eli's eyes were huge and he didn't make a sound. He was taking it all in. Ezra on the other hand, ran from pen to pen and exclaimed how stinky it was.

Next up- The kidway! On the way, I had to grab a flowering onion. I enjoyed it up until someone told me there was about 1500 calories in it, then I practically gave it away. Ezra and Eli both rode rides. We spent a majority of our time here. Ezra rode most of the rides with nothing but a smile on his face- there was only one ride that worried him, but he liked it in the end. Both boys had the time of their lives on those silly rides.

Next, we met Jackie, the horse again! She is a beauty and so sweet! Both the boys had a chance to sit on her and she smiled for some photos with us. The boys loved her, especially, Eli. I was surprised at how fearless he was towards her.

Our time was running out, and the boys were starting to get tired and restless. I don't think their eyes could see anymore things, their ears could hear any more sounds and their noses could smell anymore smells. But we HAD to stop at the big slide and the butterfly house before making our way out.

Thankfully, Grandpa was willing to take a ride down with Eli! They boys LOVED the slide!

Eli ran wild in the butterfly house and it reminded me of what a little flower child he seems to be. Ezra was a little braver this year and held a couple different butterflies. Eli on the other hand had one land on his face- then it landed on my face and we both preferred looking rather than touching.

And before making our way out- we happened to walk past real life fire fighters. So, we had to stop. Ezra tried on their gear and it blew his mind. He said nothing. Just smiled and said thank you.

We really hadn't stopped and had a proper lunch. We were too busy traveling by foot to get where we wanted to be. So, we did what nobody does on the way home from the Minnesota State Fair. We stopped at Arbys on the way home.

It was a great time and we are already planning our trip for next year. 
Every year I regret not eating this, not seeing that--- Next year. I am going to stick to my guns and not hold back!

*Tomorrow is a big day! It is our first day of Homeschool Preschool and I can't wait to tell you how it went!