Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Ezra is FOUR!

I fell in love with him the minute this earthly air filled his lungs and I heard him gasping to take his first breath when we were expecting to hear cries. I fall in love with him more everyday when he teaches me something new about myself, about the world or about him. He takes my breath away when I watch him from a distance as he puts his little hand on his little brothers shoulder and helps him along, or when he discovers something new for the first time. This little boy was absolutely sent from Heaven. There is no question that he came from anywhere else. He has the dimples to prove it.He has been such a tremendous blessing in our lives and especially in our family. 
He is and will be the leader of our pack. He can hold a conversation better than most adults. He is polite and straightforward. He is assertive in the best way he knows how and is sensitive to others. So much so, that he will not forget to pray for you if he knows you need a little help from God. He will ask you if you are happy, or if you are sad. He will ask you, "Why is your face like that?" when he is trying to put together how you are feeling and how he should be reacting to your emotion. He will ask you a thought provoking question and not expect a complete answer, but instead will ask if we can learn more about it. He is eager to learn for himself and understand the world around him through his independence and exploration.
He will notice things in a sea of crazy that you would never notice. If you ask him to tell you a story, he will always start with, "Once upon a time..." and change his volume as he goes on to tell you a complete story that was entirely made up. He has discovered the art of telling jokes and sometimes they are even innocently hysterical. He is horrified by the thought that someday he will have to grow up and leave his mom and daddy and insists that he will be a kid forever.As much as I want to hold him close and tell him that he doesn't have to leave us..EVER. He will .... and this is why I cherish every single moment that I have with him. 

His first day of preschool, just before I dropped him off, I looked back and said, "I love you so much, It's not even funny" and his response was perfect and unexpected, "but it IS funny, mom!"

It's funny how much you can love someone who you are only just starting to get to know. It's a funny thing falling more and more in love with someone who continues to change and become someone who you once knew as a sweet little baby. It's funny that only memories and photographs can keep a growing child a baby. 

Ezra, I (also) wish you could be little forever.

I love you so much it's not even funny.

Happiest Birthday to my growing boy.