Friday, October 3, 2014

Fun Facts Friday::

This week went way too fast. I hardly remember doing anything worth sharing! I worked in the salon, played with the boys, tried desperately to keep up with the laundry only to fail miserably and was surprisingly consistent and excited for every new day of preschool (at home) I am feeling a little sad that our beautiful fall has been taken over by leaf ripping winds and rain. Ezra kept asking to play outside and maybe I should have let him, but I didn't want to open the door. I didn't want to face the weather and I am not sure we have appropriate outdoor clothes for the boy, yet.

Here are some fun facts:

-Nothing makes me happier at the gym than seeing someone get "down" to whatever they are listening to in their ear buds. Either on the stair master as they try to step to the beat or doing pull ups. I LOVE IT.
-We experienced diaper rash for the first time this week. Eli has super sensitive skin and poor guy was waking on his tip toes, his bottom was so raw. All we could do was frown and whimper for him.
- When people come over and see the whey protein powder on top of the fridge, they always assume it is Marshall's, but little do they know......
-Little by little things are happening with the basement- and Marshall and I are DREAMING!! It's happening people!
-My front door on the other hand, is still unfinished. I am hoping to get it done-- but it's been rainy-- and when am I supposed to find time to do this with two busy boys and a business?(This is my excuse.)
- Our bedroom is A MESS! Someone please help me! Seriously, I need help!
- We learned about the letter D this week! Dolphins, Desert Dwellers, Dingoes, and Dogs! We even went to my parent's house to see their dogs- Eli had such a bag allergic reaction that we had to go home! His face was swollen and he had hives all over! We are ready for the letter E!
- This week, I prayed that I wouldn't, you know, freakin' lose it on my kids, like yell or stomp my feet or hang my head in my hands. And all week, I was miraculously calm and "whatever" "you are only kids once" and all like,... "it's fine, it's no big deal"-- I let things roll of my back and it was truly an answer. I am a real life freak when it comes to my kids following directions and order, but they followed better as I was calm and collected. I am grateful for this experience and how it has taught me to be more loving in the moments where my kids are clearly needing a hug and not an explosion. I mean, it is clearly obvious! But why is so hard!?
- Marshall and I always want a sweet treat before bed. Ezra caught us sneaking a treat the other night and all Marshall and I could do was giggle and tell Ezra to get back to bed, Ezra kept saying, "But where'd you get that! What is it!? He doesn't know that his mommy ran to dq while he was brushing his teeth with daddy so she could have a special date with daddy once he was in bed.
- Eli is talking!! Like, his own little language. A combo of sign, dance and voices- all different kinds and it is adorable and really a talent!
- Looking forward to a beautifully inspired weekend of talks given by the leaders of the LDS church. General Conference weekend is my favorite! Listen in if you can! It's for EVERYONE!

Have a great weekend!