Friday, October 10, 2014

Fun Facts Friday:

This week was filled with sunny, brisk days. I have been lucky to send my boys outside while I still can run out some of their energy and get their hands in the dirt before it completely freezes.
As I run out to my car to go the the gym in the morning, I am jolted by the cold and realize how unprepared I am for what is coming. I need to buckle up,the cold is coming.

Here are some fun facts:

- I am pretty sure I have sat in pee more times than I want to admit. I have now learned to wipe the seat before sitting. (The joys of boys)

- Ezra is no longer allowed to be in the bathroom with the door locked, and now we need to hide the toilet paper from him. He has a bad reputation at our house for Tping the bathroom--- but first dipping the toilet paper in water first.... It is a MESS.

- Eli loves to be on camera. A front facing video rolling on him directly, will keep him busy a lot longer than you would expect and the footage is hilarious.

-Ezra taught Eli, "BOO!" this weekend. Ezra is totally my kid- I am so proud. Eli loves to be surprised.

-This week, we covered, Earthquakes, Elephants, Earthworms and Ezra has practiced diligently on writing the perfect E. I was happy to see that he has finally kept him self from drawing more than 3 lines across.

- Ezra insists on trying all sorts of funny things on when we go out, and always says, "Send that picture to dad!" 

- I made our bed this morning. I don't even remember the last time I made our bed. I almost don't want to get in it. I lied. I am going to rip into that bed tonight, I am TIRED!

- Having music on is the only way I get my house cleaned. And on the fly. I can whip the house up in no time if a running mix is on.

- Eli knows the sign for help and uses it in his moments of desperation. I am so impressed with his ways of communicating. 

- Political correctness is really starting to irritate me. Let's be real people and let's also choose not to be so sensitive. Let's teach our children where they have come from and who they are and sending them out into the world will not be so confusing. (Unfortunately, this isn't even enough these days.) I believe that we are all children of God, with bodies destined for our life on earth. No mistake has EVER been made in that creation. We are ALL beautiful and unique. 

- Marshall and I have a date tomorrow night! Babysitter and all! We are heading out to see the documentary"Meet the Mormons

- I just caught Ezra trying to pick up Frankie the fish with a spoon.

- I know that I express my gratitude for my business and my clients often, but really. I am SO grateful. I have been so blessed to have a successful small business and a schedule packed with clients that I love. It is a dream. 

-I have a goal of finishing the front door tomorrow! It is supposed to be a sunny 60 degrees! I have no excuse!

- Ezra noticed a homeless man on the corner with his board asking for money and asked what he was doing, I responded with, "He is asking for money." Ezra then asked, "did you give him any money?"  "I didn't have any money to give him" I said, "Well, why doesn't he have any money?" Ezra sincerely asked.  "Well, it doesn't look like he has a job." I answered.  Without hesitation, Ezra asked, " Can we pray for that man?" 
"Yes, Ezra, we definitely can." 
"But we don't know his name"-- He then said.

This was so sweet, that I had to blink my tears away fast as I drove the rest of the way home. I am so grateful that my children's hearts are full of faith and knowledge to know to go to Heavenly Father not only for their trials, but for the trials of others. 

Have a great weekend!