Monday, October 6, 2014

My Monday:

Let's be real.
Today wasn't the worst day but definitely not my favorite day.
There was a chunk of my day (at the end, really) day where I felt sorry for myself. I know I am not the only one who has felt this way in their lives- and I do my best to keep this blog light. But today was just one of those days. A day where I look back and realized that I tried to make everyone happy and failed. (Not miserably-- but failed, none the less) Can't win 'em all, right?

 *I woke up early, made it to the gym- had a great workout-- So grateful for that now.

-Here is a little glimpse into our Monday:

-After conversing with a client about her hair appointment (which was first thing this morning) I realized that I didn't have what I needed. I packed the boys up immediately after (what seemed like) Breakfast- still not sure how well they actually ate, and we booked it to the beauty supply.
-Gas tank was so empty. Stopped to get gas, for $2.98!! I haven't paid under $3.00 IN FOREVER! Ezra screamed and kicked the entire time because the sun was in his eyes. I watched him emotionless through the other side of the window.
- Had to pick up a few little things from the grocery store for dinner and also some gluten free snacks for Eli. This past weekend Eli has had a serious reaction to something he is eating and I am pulling him from gluten to see if it will make a difference. So far, so good. But now, I am not sure what to feed him! Poor baby. (No peanuts, No milk, No soy (milk, mostly) and No gluten!?)
- Once we made it home, I thought "perfect! there is still time for school time before my client arrives" -- She was early.
- After my appointment, I fed the boys as quickly as I could so we would make it to story time at the library. They loved it and I was happy to sit in with them. This was the highlight of their day, I am sure.

-When we got home, I laid Eli down for a nap, and asked Ezra to play quietly unless he wanted to lay down for a while. He spread out all the books on the floor and looked at them the whole time we napped. I am pretty sure that I napped, it was hard to say-- He woke me up a handful of times to bring me/show me/ask me a lot of random things.
- Eli woke up after hearing my phone crash on the hard wood floor. He only slept for an hour and a half (maybe) Ugh.
-I let him cry longer than a good mom should. I kept telling him in my mind to lay back down and shut his eyes... he didn't hear me. I finally went to him.

-Once Eli was saved. We stared at each other.

- Ezra was making wings.... Buzz light year wings. He had pulled my notebook down and little scissors and was waiting for me to wake up so he could ask me to tape them on his back. (So cute)

- I started dinner. Potato soup, again. Our Favorite.

-I made the boys play outside. I told Ezra no dirt, no mud, no mess. I didn't have the energy to clean them up. He said, "But please can I play with my bikes and car?" I was like, "Yea-- that's all you CAN play with, kid." Eli sat in the car before it got dried off. It was the coldest wet seat he ever sat upon. ;( He needed to come in for change....

- As I peeled potatoes and looked out the window at the boys. I noticed that Eli had hurt himself and was crying. I watched for a moment to see if he needed me to help or how he would do on his own--- Ezra ran to him, put his arm around him and even put his head next his. Both of their hoodies up and over their little heads- pressed together for that small moment. I couldn't hear what was being said but it was clear that Ezra was taking care of his brother, making sure he was all right and it hit me hard. These boys have each other. What an incredible gift. THIS was the best thing that happened for me today- the brotherly love and bond that I have created and witnessed out my kitchen window. It was quick, but it was perfect.
- Marshall and Graham and his son Noah (our good friend who is sacrificing his time to help Marshall in the basement on Mondays) pulled in the driveway at about the same time. (Finally!)
- The boys ate quickly, while I waited for Sarah (Grahams wife and one of my most favorite people) to come over from work. I watched all three boys before Sarah arrived and then had dinner with her with almost all the boys on our laps.
-They weren't over long, but we are so happy they were able to come over to help and keep us company for when they did.
-The boys were EXHAUSTED. I demanded a 7:30 bedtime tonight and we made it happen! After Marshall mad them paper boats that ACTUALLY floated in the tub before almost disintegrating.

What a day! I am so ready to crawl into bed myself. I need to start over! I need a fresh day!

I hope you had a good Monday- and an even better week!