Saturday, November 1, 2014

6 years.

When I think of my favorite age of a child, it's too difficult to pinpoint just one.Every stage is filled with aweing wonder, development and experience. My children have become a little bit more of who they are every few months. Every year they discover how to do more things for themselves and understand more fully of what brings them joy and what brings them struggles.

Marshall and I are celebrating 6 years of marriage. Just as a child learns and grows to be who they are, Marshall and I have been blessed to be on an eternal journey of growing and experiencing life together and to become, as a couple, who we are to be. 

I cannot imagine being on this journey without my husband and without the love that I am surrounded with daily. Marshall is my constant. He is my rock and he is my practical and ideal way of thinking and getting through anything. I am a dreamer and an optimist and Marshall keeps my head out of the clouds and my feet secure on the ground.

Beautiful photos by Paisley Ann Photography

These past years together have only gotten better and better. I look back on our first year married and I want to just hold my head in my hands in embarrassment and apologies. I have been continuing to understand how to love and be loved and to work through all of the curve balls life has blessed us with. We have been blessed with trials that I am forever grateful for. We have learned to work through them together and we have grown together in the process. We have also been blessed with the excitement and joy of children and their joys and milestones and experiencing all of these gifts as a family and especially as a couple, has been the best thing I could ever imagine.

Marrying Marshall, was the best thing that I have ever done and everything that has happened after that moment has been literally sent from angels.

I love you, Marshall.

Thank you for being my rock and my best friend. There is no one else that I can imagine walking hand in hand on this journey with. It's because of you, my dreams that I never knew I could have, have come true.

 Thank you for always loving me.

Here is to another year!