Sunday, November 30, 2014

Catching up.

I cannot believe how terrible I have been at keeping up with our blog the past month or so. Our schedule normally becomes a lot more hectic this time of year, but this year surely has been much busier than the last. We have managed to spend as much time as we can as a family which has been most important. We take little breaks from our indoor projects and get the boys in the snow for as long as their little fingers and toes can handle. 

Marshall has surprised us both with his knowledge and capability to do all the wiring with help from a good friend and mostly from what he has learned along the way. I am so proud of him and his handy work. He really seems to be enjoying doing the work, too- which of course makes it easier to get it done.

Both of the boys have had colds for practically the entire month of November (I swear) and last Tuesday Ezra asked me to clean his ears so he could hear better. I did. But after said his ear hurt..... a couple hours later we were in the clinic for an ear infection. He was miserable and it seemed to happen fast. Thankfully, he was a completely different boy after just one of antibiotics and a good nights rest. I am also so glad that Eli is still holding strong. He doesn't get ear infections like Ezra does. Ezra continues to surprise me everyday with the amount of information he absorbs. He will tell you all about what he knows, thinks he knows or wants to know. His new thing is to tell you what he dreamed about. Sometimes I don't believe he actually dreamed these dreams. But I always love the stories he tells. I love having conversations with him. 

Eli is talking. talking. talking and his little raspy voice is starting to enunciate real words. Eli's favorite part of the day is school time. He LOVES letters. He loves to show you which letters he knows and the sounds they make. He even (thinks) he can count. He repeats 1 over and over but to the sound of 2 and 3... you'd have to hear to understand. But it's really cute and he is so proud.
We moved Ezra's old crib up from downstairs and we are starting to transition Eli into Ezra's room. We are starting out with nap times only in Ezra's room and then maybe in a month or two we will move him in there completely. Ezra was a little too excited to have Eli in there and it became a game. We had to act fast to keep it from being TOO fun.But it was cute to hear them both giggling in the room together.

I feel great! I am half way there (And if I go as early as I did with Ezra and Eli, I am more than half way there, CRAZY!)The baby is moving more and more everyday and it brings me so much comfort to feel the little movements. I have felt extremely grateful for my body and have been so amazed with the strength and energy I have this pregnancy compared to my last two. I keep having to remind myself that even though I feel good, that I do need to take it easy. The day before thanksgiving, I was in the salon most of the day and on my feet. Thanksgiving day, I had to take breaks every hour to elevate my legs because they were so achy. But the next day, it was like that never happened. It was so odd. But It's good to rest once in a while. 

Thanksgiving was great. I was most nervous about how the turkey would turn out. I have never used an electric roaster oven before and borrowed one since our oven is currently unable to be used. It turned out fine, it just isn't the same as it is when it is made in my little pink oven, but it was good.
We are still working on loads of leftovers and now we can try to wrap our heads around planning for Christmas!

We don't do much for black friday shopping, although I needed some new maternity work out clothes since mine are starting to roll up my belly like Gus Gus from Cinderella. I also scored a deal online for a rug for the basement. I am itching to decorate and since I don't get to decorate for a baby room, the basement is filling my need. I have so many ideas. Thankfully, Marshall's been pretty open with what I have shown him so far. 

We traditionally put up our Christmas decorations the Sunday after thanksgiving and the boys are really excited. I am excited! I cannot believe how quickly this year has passed and how big my boys are! I guess it just makes sense to have another baby!;)

Marshall's swim season starts MONDAY!! (ahhhhh!) I am ready. And the only reason why is because I know that when the season wraps up, we are only a month away from having a baby! I am looking forward to a little more of a rigid schedule for the boys. We love a good routine in our home and we need one when the boys wake up at 5am.

Here are some random photos of the family.
Some taken outside in the snow.
Some of my phone... including Marshall and I getting ready for church, Ezra sick at the clinic, the boys sharp new haircuts, thanksgiving family photo, my new boots (which I am obsessed with) and last Sunday's belly bump.