Friday, November 14, 2014

Somethings gotta give//Fun Facts Friday::

If a moment ever came close to being able to sit down and update the blog, it was quickly taken up with a list of unfinished chores, a much needed nap, a hair appointment, a doctors appointment, a play date, a babysitting swap, an errand run, a dinner to be dropped off, teaching one of my boys to do something for themselves or to play well together, a snuggle moment on the couch with my husband, or to just live. I love updating the blog and sharing all of updates and stories, but I have realized lately, that when I take the time to do this, somethings gotta give. Something or someone goes neglected and most always,their needs are much more important. So I am sorry (Not really sorry) for my lack of posts lately.  

And, here I am. Blogging on the couch while I set my boys up with snacks and a show. 
I have laundry going and leftovers in the fridge. The opportunity came and I knew if I didn't bite at it, it would be lost in a flash.

Here is what we have been up to:

-Ezra had his very first part in the primary program last Sunday and he did fantastically! He said, " I can make good choices and be a good example" I smiled for a full 45 minutes straight. My cheeks hurt!

-Eli is talking more than ever. I have to translate what he is saying to almost everyone, even Marshall at times, but he says more than you would think.

-We have been sitting him on the potty this week. In the morning, after lunch and before bath time at night. I am in no way trying to potty train. I can't wrap my head around that right now. But he is really wanting to be like the big boys around here and asks to. I don't let an opportunity to teach him pass us by. He is adorably proud every time he sits on the toilet. 

- Ezra and Eli have been playing SO WELL together (knock on wood) I don't know if it is sinking in more and more that there will be another little sibling here to watch over or if they are able to communicate and actually play TOGETHER. Whatever it is, I will take it.

-I am still going to the gym 3x a week and I feel amazing. Besides needing a nap after lunch, I have a great amount of energy, and feel strong! I hope to continue to go up until my doctor tells me not to.

- Daylight savings does not exist in this house. My boys are up as early as 4:30. But definitely down by 7.

-We plan on hosting Thanksgiving again this year--- without an oven! I borrowed a roaster and hope it will work just as well. I am a little nervous and considering doing a crockpot turkey. It's just not the same as a browned oven baked turkey, though..

-We purchased a retractable baby gate for the entrance of our kitchen and it has so far been a wonderful fix. The boys/Eli won't be able to get into the fridge and pull out whatever he wants a million times a day while thawing our fridge and everything in it....

- Marshall and I have high hopes that our basement may possibly be finished by the end of the year. I am crossing my fingers. I want to decorate and buy furniture! I am dying over here!

- The snow and cold weather has already been keeping us indoors and I always think I am going to be able to get so many things checked off my list-- but it never happens! 

-We have been preparing Ezra for Eli moving into his room at the beginning of the year. I will take any advice on the transition if you have any. Eli will need to be transitioned, as will Ezra. I am excited that they will be able to share a room, but a little nervous that no one will be getting sleep around here. I though moving them in before the baby comes would be the best idea. 

- Home school preschool is still going great. Eli is loving it and Ezra is a sponge. If we don't get out to the library during the week, we struggle a little on topics to learn about and rely on the internet and youtube to fill us in. 

-I finally ordered myself a pair of winter snow boots. It was about time. I can't wait to get them!

-My sister and her family come into town in less than a month and I know I have mentioned it before, but I am so excited! I could explode.

- My doctors appointments have been great. baby is doing well and is looking healthy! I am not (as) sick as I was in the beginning and food finally tastes how it is supposed to, I think. I am starting to feel little movements and butterflies and I love it! 

- I love this time of year to express gratitude for all the little things that we are blessed with. My list is long. I have so much to be grateful for and have been so blessed. I catch myself complaining or murmuring about something that is nothing in comparison to what others all over the world are experiencing and I am quickly asking for forgiveness. Joseph smith once 
said that one of the greatest sins of which the inhabitants on Earth are guilty of today, is the sin of ingratitude. 
And I believe this. I feel like I struggle with this daily.

Choose happiness and Choose to be Grateful and you will witness miracles in your life. I promise.

Until then, here are some random photos from our week indoors

Have a great weekend.