Friday, December 26, 2014


I am so grateful that every night the boys and I were able to draw closer to our Savior and read and learn about His life before Christmas came. It really changed all of our attitudes about Christmas this year and Ezra knew well that Christmas is more about Jesus and less about Santa and reindeer. I am really proud of him.

The last couple days have been magical. Not only because it was Christmas, but because we have had Marshall home! It isn't until he is around that we realize how much the boys truly miss him. Marshall leaves for work shortly after the boys wake up and is home after they are in bed, this is hard on them! But with Marshall home, poor Marshall hasn't had any room to breathe. The boys are loving on him like crazy. I, on the other hand have been enjoying watching. ;)

It will be a sad day when Marshall has to go back to work. I can imagine the boys faces when he leaves for work again....

I am so glad that we were able to set up the tripod and grab a photo of us before all the crazy festivities started last week because I don't have any other photos of us as a family from Christmas.
Can you believe this was our very FIRST AND ONLY take on a Christmas photo! And we are ALL LOOKING AND (mostly) SMILING! That has never happened in the history of Abrahamson annual holiday photos. It was a Christmas miracle.

We spent Christmas eve with Marshall's family. It was great to see everyone!

The boys were excited to be with their cousins- they ran around on the slick floors, ran into each other and to all things in their way. They also enjoyed some Piano Guys on the big screen.

Eli ate so many pretzels, he couldn't eat his dinner. I mean, he couldn't help himself. He had no control.

I didn't dip my fingers into anything (unless it was a cookie..) before dinner, because mama Abrahamson made a delicious prime rib beast for our feast and I am still salivating from it. It was delicious!

After dinner,the boys worked long and hard on their gingerbread houses. Marshall is the best at these, I don't even try to get in to help. I would just eat the glue/icing from the tube. 

Eli and his cousin John, sat on Uncle Aaron's lap for stories (Halloween stories, actually)

And when Eli started to wear down from all the running and playing,(Not to mention, his took a spill from the chair while the boys were working on the decor of the house) he was more than happy to snuggle with daddy before heading home for bed.

Once we were home, we tucked the boys in bed, Marshall and I worked on wrapping gifts and setting up the train for the boys.

It all pays off in the morning. The boys were so excited for the train and we are forever grateful to the secret Santa who dropped this train off on our step last year.This train is VERY loved and cherished and will continue to be for years to come.

The boys and I got more than we could have ever asked for this Christmas and there wasn't a sad face to be seen. 

When there is a train on the track--- the boys are entertained for HOURS! I am not kidding when I say that these trains have not turned off since Christmas morning. They are going to burn up, I swear!

Eli's classic pull of Marshall's fingers is what has been happening a lot the last few days... Eli cannot do anything without Marshall right beside him. He really loves his daddy!

My heart sings being so close to the joy my children are full of during the Christmas season. Their imaginations are actively in drive and their attention spans are none existent. As much as I love all the excitement, I do look forward to normalcy again. We are all tired out from all the fun!

I am looking forward to our next Christmas as a family. Adding one more boy to our crazy mix will be an awesome addition to every holiday. 

We have plans to work on the basement all next week! Wish us luck, I have high hopes that we will get mostly everything done before we mud and tape!

Happy Holidays!