Friday, December 19, 2014

Fun Facts Friday: From this week.

I looked around the gym this morning and felt a love for every individual that I could see. Every person there has set a goal, a commitment to be a little better and are working toward that goal. Isn't that the purpose of life? Shouldn't we all wake up each morning with a purpose to be a little better than the day before? I am so grateful for the examples of strangers who are working to be the best they can be-- it pushes me to work on being a little better.

Yesterday, I had 5 minutes to hop in the shower, I asked Ezra to be extra kind, gentle and loving to his brother while I took a quick shower. I agreed to dressing Ezra in his Captain America costume and Eli in his batman costume to keep them busy for the few minutes they were unattended. When I got out of the shower, I could feel the cold breeze rush to the door. Both boys stood at the baby gate with their little fingers clasping the top of the barrier that separated them from me.Eli looked at me with the batman mask just above his eyes,Ezra must have put the batman mask on his little brother, along with his darth vader slippers. Ezra's eyes peered at me through the holes of his captain america mask. They said nothing, but in that moment I looked at them with a smile and loved their little lives and the eyes they use to view their world. Their little faces looking at me through their masks is a vision ingrained in my head. I wish I could have taken a picture. It was funny and really cute. The boys have been playing together and working together a little better everyday and it is the best thing to watch them build a relationship of love and trust. 

With my family leaving town the beginning of this week, I was happy to have the boys back on schedule, especially with a wild end to the year.

School time has been awesomely successful lately. The boys have been so eager to learn and explore new topics day by day. This week we learned about the letter O and we explored Orcas, Opposites, Oceans and the Octopus. Opposites has been our main focus, Ezra loves to be quizzed on opposites of everything. 

We hit up the library story time where the librarian wore a festive hat, sang Christmas songs in her most jolly voice ever and ate cookies before heading out. The boys have been lounging all week looking at all the cool books they picked out.

Eli had his two year check up and he is a perfectly healthy and busy little boy. I made an appointment for him to see the allergist after the first of the year. At this appointment they will be doing a full on allergy test to see what else he is allergic to. I am nervous the list will be long-but it will be good to have answers.

Ezra had a sweet little Christmas program at his preschool this week and Marshall surprised him by getting out of work for the afternoon to be there. Ezra was SO excited that his family was there to watch him. I don't think he could contain his joy. He was the only kid in the line moving his arms and body to their songs. He was so fun to watch and my cheeks hurt from smiling so much.

Santa even dropped in and surprised all the kids! This was Ezra's third time telling Santa what was on his list and this time he started adding more things. I pulled him from Santa's lap at this point.

We played out in the snow late one afternoon, after naps. The boys LOVED being free from the surrounding walls of our home. They were literally squealing every step they took in the snow. 

I finally got around to making our Christmas countdown chain! Maybe Elf will even drop by this weekend....(My gosh, I am 50 steps behind this season) Christmas cards may or may not happen. At this point expect new years or valentines cards. And, Honestly, I am totally cool with that.

When the paper, scissors and tape is out, you know I am asked to make them headbands and handcuffs and keys and all sorts of other accessories that would transform them into ninjas/superheros/badguys/ninja turtles.

I am really looking forward to Christmas. Marshall and I have a date tonight to finish up/start our holiday shopping. (eeeek!) anda part of me wants to cancel the shopping all together and get a hotel room to eat pizza in bed and sleep in past 5:30 am. 

Hope you have a great weekend!