Friday, December 12, 2014

Happy Birthday,Eli!

I cannot even believe we are celebrating Eli's birthday, today. These past two years have been a whirlwind. He entered our lives at the most perfect time and we have been so blessed to have in our family. From the very beginning he had my heart. 
His calm and peaceful demeanor make you forget about the world around you.
His raspy little voice can get you to do whatever you think he is asking. 
He is the friendliest two year old that I have ever met. He will walk right up to you and say, "HI" or "Scooze me" or "you okay?"  by tilting his head and putting his little hand on your shoulder.
He has loved baths from his very first one in the hospital. He enjoys playing with his big brother and watching all the things he can do and immediately try it for himself.
He knows his abc's and his numbers, He will point to a letter and tell you what it is and what sound it makes! I cannot believe all that he has picked up from school time with Ezra and it's fun to watch them learn together.
Eli is excited to offer the dinner prayer and if you listen closely you can make out every word he is trying to articulate. It is usually the sweetest prayer you will have ever heard.
He is the pickiest eater in all the world. He prefers meat over anything else. He will pick any sight of vegetable out of his food (even if you mix it in discretely) and the texture of fruit is obviously disgusting to him, We are grateful for applesauce and veggie pouches.
His allergies are something that is a struggle of mine and less of his- he has been perfectly content with the same meal options day to day. He likes what he likes (just like his old man) and I appreciate this trait.
His little eyeglasses are a part of him. If they ever get bumped or are cockeyed, he knows how to adjust them and move them into place. If they get pulled off or he needs help putting them on, he knows to go up to someone who can help him with that, even if it is Ezra. 
Just this week he started lowering his chin into his neck and crossing his arms when he is mad and it is adorably hilarious. I have no idea where he has learned this, but I am happy he moves off to the side and takes a breather when he is obviously upset about something versus playing dirty (which may occasionally can happen from time to time when the boys are getting scrappy) 

We are so honored to have him in our lives and truly cherish every moment we have with him. I am looking forward to this next year, to hear the things that he has to say and all that he has to teach us. 
And best of all, to see him rise to be his own version of a big brother!